Mini-Implants – Helping More with Less

Small but terrible… this may well describe mini-dental implants with the most positive of assertions. These small posts of biocompatible titanium that are used in creating replacement teeth are now being used widely in securing dental crowns and dentures, especially for patients that don’t have the necessary bone density level for standard-sized implants or can’t undergo conventional ...

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Gum Health and Preventing Tooth Loss

It’s only natural for us to be constantly self-conscious and aware of the condition of our teeth, looking out for any signs of tooth decay or discoloration that could diminish the beauty of our pearly whites or worse, cause us to lose any of our permanent teeth. However, what many may not realize is oral health is not all about teeth alone. Tooth loss involves not just the teeth but how ...

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Wipe Away Your Fear

What stops you from going to the dental clinic? Are you terrified of the dentist? Scared of needles? Below are the top two reasons why you should not delay your dental appointment. Read on and it will surely wipe away your fear. A Highly skilled dentist Some patients are afraid of seeing their dentist and even doubt his capability. Do you also have the same perception? Here’s the good news ...

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Restore Your Teeth with Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

If you’re looking for an alternative to fillings and crowns, you may consider inlays and onlays. It’s a good option when you have a tooth that is too damaged to hold a filling but is not badly broken to cover with a crown. Inlays and onlays are considered as indirect restorations because they are created in a dental lab before bonding it to your tooth. The restorative procedure can treat ...

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Prevention of Gum Disease

The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) suggests that everyone should undergo a comprehensive periodontal evaluation at least once a year. This is to help evaluate their risk for gum disease and have it detected and treated by their dentist while it’s still at an earlier and manageable stage. You’d want to visit Marineland Dental Care at least twice a year so that Dr. Hadley may check ...

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Diagnosis and Treatment for Gum Disease

When it comes to gum problems, you can count on your Kennewick WA dentist. He’s committed to giving you the most accurate diagnosis and the best treatment using advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology. If you want to experience exceptional patient care, come in to the clinic for consultation. Your dentist will perform a set of procedures during your routine oral exam to check for ...

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Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Edentulism or tooth loss happens when one or more teeth fall out due to decay, physical trauma, or disease. Regardless of age, all of us would suffer from tooth loss one way or another. Whether you lost your milk teeth as a child or later on as a senior, missing teeth brings a host of problems that can affect the way you speak and eat. Although tooth loss can be treated by your Kennewick dentist, ...

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All About Dental Bonding

Do you need some minor cosmetic enhancements for your smile? You might want to consider dental bonding as an option. Bonding involves the application of tooth-colored material directly to your teeth to restore or improve their appearance. Here’s just a short list of what it can do for you: - Repair chips and cracks - Hide discolorations - Close gaps between teeth - Change the shape, size and ...

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Overcoming Your Fears of the Dentist

Many patients experience toothaches but refuse to see the dentist because of their dental fears and anxieties. They choose to bear the pain than to get treated, which could get worse and result in problems like missing teeth and gum disease. Do you also have the same experience? Delaying your appointment may just result in a more complicated and costly treatment. Don’t wait for that to happen. ...

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How to Avert an Abscessed Tooth

Have you experienced tooth sensitivity from consuming hot or cold food or beverages after you got a dental filling in one or several teeth? The sensitivity may be a tell-tale sign that the pulp inside the treated tooth has been infected with perhaps the decay from the initial treatment not being totally removed and cleaned before the tooth filling was placed. If the infection continues to ...

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