Tips on Dental Checkups

Dental checkups are essential to your oral health. The American Dental Association (ADA) encourages everyone to drop by at the clinic at least twice a year. If you have other serious condition, you need to see your Kennewick WA dentist more often. You need to get routine exams and professional cleaning to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. To make the most out of your visit, the team at ...

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Dental Crowns for Damaged Teeth

Your teeth can be damaged due to decay, lack of care, injury, or bad habits. Vigorous brushing, trauma, or chewing on hard objects can ruin your smile. If you got some chips and cracks in your teeth, ask Dr. Walter G. Hadley about dental crowns. These cap-like restorations are attached to your teeth to improve its appearance. You’re invited to visit Marineland Dental Care and sit down for a ...

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Restoring your Teeth with Dental Fillings

The layer of enamel protects your teeth from the daily wear and tear of biting and chewing. It also shields your teeth from extreme temperature and from the erosive effects of acids and chemicals. Over time, this outer layer of you tooth can be damaged because of a bad bite, trauma to the mouth, poor oral hygiene, or excessive teeth grinding. If you feel any pain or sensitivity, you should see ...

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Why Choose Lumineers?

Small chips and cracks can ruin your gorgeous smile. The damage can be caused by bad practices. Think about how you brush everyday. Vigorous brushing of your teeth can damage your enamel (outer layer of your tooth). Add to the list is the habitual crunching of ice, nailbiting, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and chewing on hard objects. You can restore your broken teeth with the help of Kennewick ...

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What are Crowns?

Staring at a set of wonderful-looking teeth everyday never ceases to brighten up your mood. Thanks to beautiful pearly whites, you get to look presentable during your best friend’s birthday party or sister’s wedding. You also don’t have to feel uneasy every time you approach the apple of your eye. Moreover, you can conduct yourself with confidence whenever you’re in an important business ...

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Missing Teeth and Dental Implants

Many people invest in cosmetic dental procedures each and every year. In fact, IBIS Work Research indicates that $4 billion in revenue is created by the cosmetic dental industry. Cosmetic dentists work with patients to treat minor dental concerns like dental stains. The professionals also help to replace or restore missing teeth. A missing tooth is a major cosmetic and oral health concern. ...

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Preserving Your Gums

Just like your teeth, your gums can work wonders for you when they’re in perfect shape. With your gums in tip-top condition, you don’t have to put up with any discomfort every time you brush your teeth or chew your food. You can also strike a conversation with anyone without having to worry about how your breath smells. Aside from that, you have the privilege of keeping all of your teeth ...

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Periodontal Disease and Your Heart’s Health

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, does not only affect your oral health. Based on several studies, the condition of our gums may actually have an effect on our heart’s health as well. Though there is still no direct evidence that has come out to strengthen this claim, statistics indicate that people with gum disease also have a high risk (almost twice) of developing coronary ...

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Mini Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

Mini dental implants are small metal posts made of titanium. These are half the size of regular dental implants. They can be used to replace missing teeth or secure dentures. They can also support a full set of dental prosthesis. Since they're only half the size of regular dental implants, they cost less, making them more accessible to those who don't have enough money for costly dental ...

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Information on Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Your teeth play a very important role in your everyday life. They make it possible for you to fully appreciate your meals, smile at your special someone, and project a lot of confidence in socializing with different people. Therefore, it’s only natural for you to safeguard your pearly whites by brushing and flossing on a regular basis, eating vitamin C and calcium-rich foods, and staying away ...

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