Your Smile is Always Worth It

We all know someone whose smile is long gone. That smile hasn’t been something they’ve wanted to show off for some time. In fact, they are probably pretty embarrassed by what they have left! We’re not sure how it happens, but sometimes these people convince themselves that it’s not worth it to invest in their own smile. We’ll get more into that thinking in a moment, but we’d really ...

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Three Ways Diet Affects Your Smile

We know that food has far-reaching effects on our bodies for both good and bad reasons. Foods high in vitamins and nutrients makes us healthy, strong, and ready to take on the world. Foods high in sugar, fat, and cholesterol make us feel sluggish, gain weight, and lose our body’s powerful strength and energy. Have you ever thought about how food directly affects your smile? We’ve put together ...

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Caring for Dental Implants

Dental implants are great because they benefit the patient is many, many ways! The best thing about an implant is how similar it is to your natural tooth! The look, feel, and function of the implant is so close to what nature provided that some people forget they ever had a restoration done! When it comes to caring for your implant, you might be surprised at how easy the transition is. Below ...

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Use Sedation Dentistry to Fast Track Your Procedure

We ordinarily think of sedation in terms of patients who are frightened in the dental office. By doing so, we limit sedation dentistry and it’s many benefits. Sedation can benefit patients of all ages and situations, including those who are frightened and those who are not. In fact, sedation plays a huge benefit for patients who are leading very busy lives! Before sedation dentistry came into ...

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Mini Implants For Patients With Low Bone Density

We love dental implants here at Marineland. There are so many solutions that implants can be used to achieve. We love the results and wish that we could offer them to every patient. There are some things that keep patients from getting implants, but a thinning bone mass is no longer a reason to keep from getting life-changing implants. Some patients who want to get implants but are turned away ...

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Why Dentures Don’t Work

We go through life thinking that dentures are the inevitable end for our smiles. When teeth make their way out of our mouths, we just wait for the day that the dentist says it’s time to give up on your natural teeth and accept the dentures. We never think that there could be another option or at very least a way to make dentures more comfortable. However, there are a lot of reasons to be ...

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Selecting the Best Mouthrinse For You

You can’t walk through the drugstore without seeing signs and advertisements for multiple mouth rinses. They are everywhere you turn, and if you happen to walk down the aisle, you’ll find yourself looking at more types and brands than you ever thought possible. If you’re not sure why you’re purchasing mouth rinse, you definitely won’t know which one to choose, so we’ve put together a ...

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Making Your Smile a Work of Art With Porcelain Veneers

No one likes feeling like their smile is something to be ashamed of. We want to be able to show off those pearly whites and enjoy being able to smile at will. It’s important to feel that confident and that comfortable with your own grin. When your smile is in a state that makes you feel uneasy, and you have to think twice before grinning at someone new, it’s time to consider letting us turn ...

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Don’t Let a Missing Tooth Keep You From That Candy Apple!

We love few things more than apples here in Washington. As the harvest continues to roll in, we are sure that you are attending festivals and parties laden with apples of all sorts. Our favorite is the candy apple. However, there are some things that will keep you far from the sweet crunchy goodness that is a candy apple. One of those things is a missing tooth. Luckily, there is a solution that ...

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A New Smile With Minimal Discomfort

Thinking of cosmetic procedures is often enough to make the bravest patient feel a little nervous. Not just from a fear of pain, but also a fear of paying for treatment. Not all cosmetic situations require extensive cosmetic procedures. Often, we can take care of the cosmetic issue with dental bonding, which is a much simpler, less-expensive alternative. It is also much more comfortable for you ...

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