Holidays Make You Want Better Teeth

There’s just something about the holiday season that makes you want to look your best. Maybe it’s the endless parties, or seeing old friends. Maybe it’s the fact that your relatives are coming in from out of town, or you want to do something really special for a loved one. Whatever the case, the holidays are a great time to think about ways that you could give yourself the gift of a brand ...

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A Custom Restoration for Large Cavities

Cavities are commonplace. Most of us have experienced the procedure of getting a filling at some point or another. Research shows that by the time we graduate high school, a vast majority have already had at least one filling placed. The use of fillings is very important in our society. Without fillings, we would be losing our teeth right and left! Sometimes, however, a filling is not enough to ...

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The Power of Lower Denture Stability

Dentures are a mediocre substitute for natural teeth. Dentures remove about 70% of your bite strength making your favorite foods a thing of the past. It’s amazing how quickly denture wearers realize that they will need something different to restore their dental abilities! We can make a big boost in those natural chewing abilities by simply stabilizing the lower denture by using a couple of ...

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Three Signs That You’re Ready For a Makeover

Smile makeovers are a very important part of what we do here at Marineland. It is an opportunity to start over for someone who is really struggling. Smile makeovers take into consideration every aspect of your oral and dental health. We create a plan based on a thorough analysis of your smile. We will focus on the health of your smile first, and then work on the cosmetic adjustments that need to ...

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Are You Missing a Fluoride Opportunity?

There are many nutrients and minerals that we should be including in our diet so that our teeth can be healthy and strong. Calcium and phosphorus are extremely important for strengthening your teeth, for example. Another important mineral is fluoride. Fluoride strengthens your tooth enamel so that your teeth can be protected from decay. There are many sources for fluoride, but many patients ...

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Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever taken a bite of something really sweet and felt an intense pain in one of your teeth? This pain is undeniable. It shoots up through your tooth to the nerve, and it can be so intense that your eyes water and you want nothing more than to make it stop. This is what having a sensitive tooth (or teeth) feels like, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! With the right approach, we can ...

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Veneers Provide a Variety of Solutions

Smiles come in all shapes and sizes. We all have flaws that we wish we could get rid of! When we see Hollywood stars flashing their perfect grins, we wonder how they got those great smile genes! What you probably don’t realize is that those smiles you see in magazines are rarely natural. Most of the Hollywood smiles you envy are actually created from veneers! Luckily for you, we can create the ...

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When Periodontal Disease Goes Too Far

Periodontal disease is always at the front of our thought process when seeing patients. We know how prevalent it is, and we know how damaging it can be. The number one reason adults lose permanent teeth is gum disease. The problem is that most of the people who really need care for their gums are the people who avoid the dental office! What begins as a subtle infection can lead to the loss of ...

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Maintaining a Healthy Mouth While Living With Diabetes

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, which is extremely important for many of our patients who are living with this condition. It’s important for the rest of us as well because we all know someone who is living with diabetes. Diabetes affects the entire body, including the mouth. The risks are nothing unique, but they are greater than what someone else might experience. Let’s take a look at ...

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