Bridge or Implant: Which is Better?

We get this question a lot: Which restoration is best for my missing tooth? For each patient, the answer is different. We have written about this very topic several times before, so rather than rehash that same reasoning once again, we thought we would point you back to some of that old material! To begin with, we know that it’s tempting to not restore a missing tooth at all! You might ...

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It’s Time to Evaluate Your Care

Here in Kennewick, WA, we believe in taking care of problems before they begin. Our part of the world works hard and prepares for what is coming. That’s the only way we know how to live! We know you do this through your work and home, but do you do this for your teeth? Are you taking the steps you need to protect yourself from damage to your smile? Just as routine appointments are ...

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Gum Disease: Know What You’re Up Against

The flu season has been a huge cause for concern this winter. It seems as though every state is dealing with an increase in flu cases, and we are seeing the same here in Washington. The flu is everywhere, and we are taking steps to protect ourselves from exposure, as you should. However, we can’t help but think of another infection that is also running rampant but seemingly under the radar. ...

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Root Canals: Saving Teeth One Patient at a Time

Do you want to know how to send shudders down the backs of a patient’s spine? Mention the words “root canal” and see what happens. Our society is trained to be very, very afraid of a root canal, but it is one of the most unfortunate things for you! Your fear of the root canal could keep you from getting the care you need, and it could result in the loss of your tooth! Being afraid of a ...

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A Failing Filling Needs Extra Help

Fillings are a necessary part of routine dental health care. By the time they graduate from high school, 80% of kids will have at least one filling. About 90% of adults have fillings. These numbers are enormous and reveal one of the major threats to our smiles: decay! Decay is preventable with routine care and appointments, but even with excellent care, cavities happen and fillings are needed. ...

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Surprising Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is one of the latest trends in dental offices around the country. We have long offered forms of sedation, but nothing like what is available today! You may have seen old westerns or movies where a doctor, in the midst of an emergency, gives the patient a shot of alcohol to calm his nerves. The idea here is the same. You might need something to help your body and mind relax ...

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Veneer Options that Make Your Smile Amazing

Your natural smile may not be everything you wish it could be. Some people are born with amazing smiles, and they seem to never have any problems. Other smiles need some work throughout the years to create something you are proud to show off. Here at Marineland Dental Care, we have the ability to transform your smile into a work of art! You would only trust a truly skilled dentist to alter your ...

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Know Your Alternatives to Traditional Dentures

Are you unhappy wearing your dentures? Here in Kennewick, WA, we see a lot of patients who are struggling to live with their dentures. There are so many issues to be aware of, but denture wearers don’t like to talk about these embarrassing features of their teeth! While embarrassment is a huge reason to avoid dentures, we would rather focus on the health implications of dentures. After all, ...

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