5 Ways Dental Technology Can Improve Your Care

Do you remember when you got your first cell phone or computer? No doubt like most of us, you were fascinated by the technology. Fast forward to today, and think about the possibilities this technology can now offer. Who would have thought that you’d pay your bills, shop, type an instant message to someone anywhere, and get directions on your phone? And all of this for chapter than that old ...

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Say Goodbye to the Embarrassment from Your Missing Teeth, Part 2

Last time, we talked about the emotional and psychological effects that missing teeth can cause many people to experience. We said that dentures can be a solution for some people, but that studies have shown that dentures can still be a source of embarrassment and anxiety. (Read the blog here.) We also said that there are other solutions to your missing teeth that can allow you to be free ...

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Say Goodbye to the Embarrassment from Your Missing Teeth, Part 1

If you’re like almost three-quarters of all Americans, you’ve lost at least one permanent tooth in your life. Missing teeth can cause all sorts of problems like pain, having trouble chewing and swallowing your food, having problems talking, and aging prematurely in your lower face. But there aren’t just physical problems if you have missing teeth. If your missing tooth or teeth show in ...

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Preventing Cavities Can Save You Pain and Money

If you’ve been keeping up with our recent blogs, you might have remembered our discussion about cavities caused by poor nutrition. We said that even adults can get cavities and should be mindful of how proper hygiene and diet can prevent cavities (read the blog here). Today we want to talk a little bit more about cavities and how preventing them can save you a lot of pain—and potentially a ...

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Full-Size Implants Versus Mini Implants: What’s the Big (or Little) Deal?

Some things in life come in different sizes. Take chocolate, for instance. If you have the choice of a large chocolate bar or a small chocolate bar, you will probably choose the large bar. The bigger bar will last longer, which means you’ll get more satisfaction from it. But you’ll also get more sugar and more calories from it, too! With the little chocolate bar, you might not get the ...

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Health, Happiness, and (No More) Halitosis

It’s National Nutrition Month, and your dental team here at Marineland Dental Care wants to let you know that your health is important to us. In fact, it’s one of the ways that we determine how successful we are: by your health, your well-being, and your happiness with our care. We do many things here in Kennewick to keep you healthy, such as performing thorough exams, treating problems, ...

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Major and Mini Smile Makeovers Can Make a Big Difference

Have you ever done something as simple in your house as paint the walls in one room another shade and immediately notice a dramatic difference? Maybe you’ve decided to spruce up your plain brick house by painting the outside, adding a small portico, and installing a new wooden door to replace your old white door. You didn’t tear down your house to make these changes, but your house looks ...

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Choose to Chew Again

There are many processes that our bodies do to help us live normal lives. Some of these our body do involuntarily, like breathing, while others we do voluntarily, like talking. Unless there is something wrong with your body that limits one of these functions, you will probably never even think about the actual processes of doing them. One voluntary movement that we all have to do to function ...

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