A Safe Summertime Smile

Summers here in Kennewick, WA are HOT! We enjoy our summers, but we also love finding ways to relax and beat the heat. Among those summer favorites, like swimming, are risks for your mouth. Your oral health is at risk throughout each and every day, but the heat brings about specific concerns that we would like to address with you! Let’s take some time to look at the unique summertime issues ...

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Time to Replace Your Old Fillings

Everything ages. It’s a sad truth to this world that we live in. Nothing is ever getting younger! While some things do get better with age, your fillings do not! This is especially true if your fillings are made of metal. You might have gold fillings or metal amalgam. In either case, it’s time that we checked on those restorations! As with anything else, your fillings need upkeep. Just ...

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Scary News: Gum Disease Kills

We hear all sorts of news about silent killers like strokes and heart disease. These health conditions are frightening because it seems like they can just appear out of no where and start to affect your life in ways you never imagined before. While these well-known, dangerous conditions are talked about often, there is one condition that we don’t speak about very often: gum disease. ...

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Could a Dental Implant Solution Save Your Life?

We all want to have a nice, healthy smile, but did you know that the decisions you make for your smile can have an effect on your overall health? We aren’t just talking about prevention, either. The decisions you make to brush and floss are important, but so are the decisions you make when you have a tooth that needs work. We see patients in our Kennewick, WA office all the time who have lost ...

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Ready for a Smile Renaissance?

Does your smile tell the story you want people to hear, or is it saying something else? If your teeth are cracked, crooked, discolored, dull, or missing, it might be saying more than you know (or would want)! While there is certainly no shame in having bad teeth, if you can do something about it, why put it off? Remember, the beauty of your smile is more than skin-deep; a beautiful smile is a ...

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Root Canal vs. Extraction: Which Is Safer?

One of the most feared dental procedures is the root canal, or endodontic therapy. Despite being one of the most well-understood and common dental procedures you can get, people are still afraid of getting them. Sometimes people are just afraid of the dentist due to a condition known as dental anxiety (we can help: our Kennewick, WA dental practice has sedation dentistry options to help you get ...

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Understanding Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are growing in popularity as a solution for tooth loss; with 40 million people missing teeth just in the US, you’d expect most of the people you see walking down the streets of Kennewick, WA to have at least one implant in their teeth. Even though more people are interested in dental implants than ever before, only 3% to 5% of people with missing teeth have them. There are two ...

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Tooth Decay & How To Stop It

Most people you’ll run into will have at least one cavity filling. Cavities are caused by tooth decay, which is a problem for an estimated 36% of the global population (around two and a half billion people, according to a recent study in The Lancet). Despite the high frequency of occurrence, most people don’t really understand how tooth decay works. This has to account for at least some of ...

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