Mouth and Body: More Connected Than You Think!

That cavity can’t affect your heart, right? Is that missing tooth weakening your whole skeleton? What about expectant mothers – can gum disease mean problems with the baby? You might be thinking that these are extreme examples that are over the top, but they aren’t! Your mouth is the closest thing we have to a direct window into the body and it’s anything but a separate, independent ...

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Un-“Masking” The History Of Veneers

Remember, if you can, way back to 1994. That was the year that a movie ruined the reputation of dental veneers: The Mask. Jim Carrey plays a green-faced version of the Greek trickster god Loki, and he also has massive teeth (there’s some movie trivia for you – Jim Carrey and Tom Hiddleston have played the same character)! For a long time that might have been true – veneers looked fake, were ...

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Don’t Be Down In The Denture Dumps!

No one told you dentures were going to be this bad – they were supposed to be the solution, right? You might have heard dentures were the greatest but as you wear them you realize that they just aren’t the perfect solution. Suction? It sounds like a great idea at first … If you’re experiencing unhappiness with your dentures you might not know where to turn – what else can you do that ...

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What Really Happens When You Lose a Tooth?

Are you worried about losing a tooth, or maybe have recently lost one? You might be wondering what’s next, especially if you can’t afford the dental care necessary to restore a missing tooth. It might seem impossible to get the care you need, but don’t hesitate to contact our Kennewick dentist office – we’ll try to help because the worst thing you can do to a lost tooth is wait! ...

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Get Your Fill Of Fillings

So, you have a cavity. Relax, it happens to the best of us! In fact studies have shown that some people are just more prone to cavities, no matter how well they take care of their teeth! While you should always fess up to bad habits that could save your mouth that isn’t always the case! If you have a cavity you probably need a filling, which is where Marineland Dental Care comes in! We ...

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The Long Term Costs Of Tooth Decay

At Marineland Dental Care we try to use our blog as a place to provide you with great dental information while also keeping a light-hearted attitude and approach to everything. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t take your care completely seriously. That’s what we want to talk about today: the serious effects of tooth decay. It’s the most common dental problem in the world ...

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Your Oral Health Cheat Sheet

Are you worried that you might not be doing everything right when it comes to your at-home oral health care? Regular cleanings at our Kennewick dentist office might be an important part of your dental care routine, but there’s still the need for good habits between appointments! Don’t get hung up on the things you might be doing wrong – instead use those as spots to start ...

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Scared Of The Dental Drill? We Have The Answer!

One of the most common dental care fears that patients have is the drill, and for good reasons! The noise can be ear-piercing and can conjure up all sorts of thoughts of pain and discomfort. Unfortunately the drill is a necessary part of many aspects of dental care, and is essential in treating tooth decay, placing fillings, and any number of restorative procedures. If fear of the dental drill ...

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