What Can Dental Implants Do for You?

If you’ve ever lost a tooth you’ve probably heard someone mention dental implants. These tooth-sized titanium screws are placed directly into your jaw and perfectly mimic your natural teeth roots. They’re the premier method for replacing lost teeth, going far beyond the abilities and advantages of a bridge. At Marineland Dental Care we’ve been placing implants for years and know exactly ...

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Root Canals: Not As Bad As You Think!

Do you know what a root canal is or what it’s for? Like a lot of people, you may not know how essential they are for preserving a tooth that is severely decayed! at Marineland Dental Care we hear a lot of questions about root canals and most of them are just questions about rumors people have heard! It’s unfortunate that so much misunderstanding has sprung up around this important and ...

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The Sugar Secret: What’s it Doing to You?

At Marineland Dental Care it seems like we’re always telling patients the same thing: eat less sugar! You’ve probably been hearing anti-sugar arguments your entire life starting with your parents and continuing on until you’re just sick of it! How bad can sugar be, anyways? The truth isn’t surprising, at least if you’ve been heeding those warnings: sugar is bad for you! It’s the ...

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Tired of that Old Gold Filling?

It’s an unfortunate part of getting a filling: they don’t last forever! Your tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body and it’s difficult to replicate the durability, flexibility, and long-lasting effectiveness of what nature gave you. While fillings can last 15 years or longer damage is always possible, so it’s important to see us at Marineland Dental Care to be sure yours are ...

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Building Your Dream Smile

Building an incredible smile is as easy as making a plan right here at Marineland Dental Care. We have the ability to transform your smile into something truly spectacular. You can get the smile you have been wanting without having to worry about fear, discomfort, or poor results. We can take care of it all so that you don’t have to hide your smile any longer! The members of Kennewick, WA ...

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It’s Time to Think About Dental Insurance

One thing we have learned from our patients here in Kennewick, WA, is that they really want to know more about how their dental insurance is working for them. After all, you are paying for that insurance, so how do you use that money wisely? Is it a good investment? Could it be doing more for you? These are the questions we want to answer today, because this is a very important time for dental ...

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The Cost of DIY Dentistry is More than You Think

Internet trends have completely changed the way we think about our lives. Whether or not you care to admit it, we think differently now that we have access to the entire world wide web from our pockets. There’s so much information out there that you can always find what you are looking for. We recently heard a story of a mother stranded in a parking lot with her children. She had never ...

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Retirement and Your Teeth

As you enter your time of retirement, we just want to say congratulations from all of us at Marineland Dental Care! You are finally at a stage in life when you can enjoy free time, spend time with your family, or serve the community in a new and exciting way. The world is your oyster, as they say! However, being at retirement age means that you have to pay much more attention to you body. You ...

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