December, 2015

Resolve To Make Your Dentist Happy | Kennewick, WA

The team at Marineland Dental Care would like to wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year.

We hope all your favorite teams win all their games (unless they are playing our favorite teams), and we hope

Simple Tips To Prevent Periodontal Disease | Kennewick, WA

You’ve probably heard that prevention is the best medicine. This is especially true with regard to periodontal disease treatment.

When you have a problem with your oral health, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your teeth. After

Stay Happy, Healthy With Dental Implants | Kennewick, WA

Losing teeth is difficult emotionally and physically.

You may feel embarrassed or ashamed when you are missing multiple teeth. It also impacts your life by limiting the foods you can eat.

So what can you do to feel better and

Dental Crowns Can Be A Delicious Gift | Kennewick, WA

Christmas is just around the corner. We look forward to this time of year because we can take break from our daily lives. We also enjoy giving and receiving presents, and we love the food.
Everything from turkey and ham …

You’re Never Too Old For A Beautiful New Smile!


Something a lot of us have faced as we’ve grown up is dissatisfaction with our smiles. Whether it’s a gap, a chipped tooth, or something larger we all have “that one thing” we want to fix. For many people

The Why And How Of Root Canals


For a lot of patients there are two words in dentistry more frightening than any others: root canal. It’s unfortunate that this essential procedure has become so feared – it’s an important part of keeping teeth healthy when

Who Can Benefit From Oral Sedation?


Dentistry is frightening for a lot of different patients. From those who simply can’t handle the fear they associate with dentistry to patients who may have a hard time understanding the need for their care, everyone deserves the chance

Is Your Smile Holiday Ready?


It’s the beginning of December, and soon the holidays will be upon is in force. With only a few weeks to go before we all sit down to feasts, family visits, company parties, and other social events you might

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