Gum Disease Prevention Is In Your Hands

You’ll do almost anything to keep from going to the dentist. Any excuse you can think of, no matter how outlandish, is more than enough for you to keep me at bay. I understand your fears, but what I don’t get is that, even though you’d rather not see me, your inability to properly maintain your oral health guarantees that we’re going to meet sooner rather than later. And the ...

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Veneers For Brighter, Whiter Smiles

Just how bright is your smile? If you had to pick, on a scale of 1 through 10 – with 1 being “terrible” and 10 being “perfectly bright” – how would you rate your smile? Go ahead and find the nearest mirror available ... and remember to be honest! Now then… how did that go? You probably scored somewhere in the middle range, didn’t you? Your smile is by no means perfect, but ...

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Ease Your Fears With Sedation Dentistry

You’re scared of me. I get it. I know that it’s nothing personal; you’re just afraid of what I do. Fear of dentistry is something I deal with on a daily basis. Some people don’t like the thought of tools being shoved into their mouths, even if though those tools are actually helping you. Other people find that the idea of the pain that is often (falsely) associated with dental work is ...

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Size Matters For Dental Implants

You need a dental implant. You’ve let your smile go, so to speak, and in that time your teeth have suffered the consequences. By waiting this long to take preventative action, your only option is to deal with the fallout of your carelessness and replace the tooth. But replace it with what, exactly? Depending on your needs, you may require either a full dental implant, or you may be a better ...

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Old Gold Fillings Could Be Ticking Time Bombs

If you’ve got gold fillings, give yourself a pat on the back. They’re proof that, once upon a time, you got dental work that you needed. And that’s no small feat. So all these years later, how are those fillings holding up? They’re certainly not as nice to look at anymore, are they? By resting on your laurels when it comes to past dental work, you’re putting the longevity of ...

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A Root Canal Isn’t The End of The World

Just hearing that phrase can bring up the worst images that come with a trip to the dentist, doesn’t it? Let’s say it again: Root canal. Indeed, root canals conjure up all sorts of negative feelings and fears you’ve come to associate with going to the dentist. From drills to searing pain and more, you think it’s not worth it – even if it means sacrificing the quality of your ...

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How Do I Know If I Need A Crown?

Good question. If you want to start investigating a possible answer, take a look in the mirror, and open wide. I know, I know: It’s not your most favorite activity these days, but just bear with me for a second – it could save you from unnecessary future pain. Now take a long, hard look at your teeth. I’ll be here when you get back. Did you see Broken or chipped teeth? A tooth ...

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A New Smile For A New Year

Admit it: You’re not feeling very confident about those New Year’s resolutions. A quick glance at your list reminds you of the ones that you made last year. Same pledges, same goals – but then there’s the same old you, proof that those resolutions are a lot easier said than done. Whether it’s the first of the year or the middle of July, looking better and improving your health is a ...

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