February, 2016

Out With The Old Fillings, In With The New

Spring cleaning is quite the odd chore. Can you think of any other time of year that, when it comes around, invites you to start picking up your house in order to celebrate it?

You’re always surprised by what you …

Fighting The Sugar Wars At Home

Sugar can’t run, but it sure can hide.

If you’ve got a growing family, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Unless your children are in a miraculous minority of kids who hate sugar, you know how hard it can …

The Whitest Possible Smile

Your smile is far from perfect.

The last time you took a good, long look in the mirror, the only thing that was perfect was the clarity of your vision: Discolored, chipped, or outright worn down teeth greet you every …

Don’t Let Cavities Take Root

There’s almost a 50-50 chance your child has a cavity.

According to the latest data published by the National Institute For Dental and Craniofacial Research, 41% of children aged 2-11 have cavities in their primary teeth.

Think about that for …

Recapture Youth With Dental Implants

Valentine’s Day may come just once a year, but the season of romance is more than a 24-hour window.

We’re blessed in the Tri-Cities area with some of the mildest winters in the Northwest, so it seems like Spring Fever …

Be Mine, Valentine, For A Smile Makeover

Rejection is a hard thing to deal with.

It comes in many shapes and sizes, but like a lot of things, you know it when you feel it. It’s that sense of hurt when someone says “no” to who you …

Nothing Romantic About Gum Disease

As we creep closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, you can’t shake that nagging feeling.

It’s that pain in your gums – it just won’t seem to go away. Your gums are puffy and uncomfortable whenever you go to brush, …

Give Cupid A Break With Cosmetic Bonding

You hate being rushed.

Nobody likes that feeling of being pressured to finish something in the nick of time. Making plans, whether for dinner or for a vacation, requires time and care. This is true for any kind of project …

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