How White Do You Want Your Smile To Be?

It happens to a lot of us at one time or another. You are brushing your teeth and you notice something different about your smile. Your teeth look ... yellow. Maybe you try to ignore it. It was probably just the lighting or the angle, right?. Then you notice it again the next day and the next. You try not to think about it, but you wonder if other people have noticed. Eventually, you are going ...

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Are You Doing What You Can For Your Gums?

You probably saw some headlines a few months ago about flossing and gum disease. If you delved into the stories, then you may have realized it was more complicated that the headlines indicated. At Marineland Dental Care, our hope is that you will continue doing the things that will help you prevent gum disease.  We also hope you will visit our dentist office in Kennewick, WA, as soon as ...

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Is Fluoride A Good Thing? [VIDEO]

Here at Marineland Dental Care, our number one priority is healthy teeth! But how does fluoride affect this? Should we put it in our toothpaste and in our tap water? Check out the video below to learn more about what Dr. Hadley has to say about this topic. Give us a call at 509-591-0515 to schedule a checkup. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have. ...

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No Need To Worry With Dental Sedation

Matt is scared of the dentist. It's OK. Lots of people share his dental anxiety, which can make it difficult to walk into a dentist office much less receive professional treatment. Maurice has dental anxiety, too, but unlike Matt, Maurice has learned about sedation dentistry. As a result, Maurice is able to visit his dentist, remain calm and relaxed throughout his treatment, and keep his teeth ...

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Dental Crowns: Just Part Of The Team

In football, there is an unspoken understand that injuries are going to happen. For that reason, the "next man up" should always be ready to go in case a player has to be taken out of the game. Most of the time, fans and teammates realize the replacement player may not be as fast, as strong, or as talented as the one he is replacing. Sometimes the better player can be patched up and returned to ...

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5 Important Facts About Tooth Loss [INFOGRAPHIC]

Welcome back to another blog from your friends at Marineland Dental Care, located in Kennewick, WA. Today, we have another infographic for you. If you are concerned about eventual tooth loss, we have the information you need to arm yourself against it. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. Just dial 509-591-0515.   ...

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