October, 2016

Adults Deserve Straight Teeth, too! VIDEO BLOG

Do you think the window of opportunity has gone for you to straighten your teeth? At our Kennewick dental office, we love to treat people of all ages who want to make their smile pop.

Dr. Hadley is an expert …

Take the Metal Our of Your Mouth

Cavities are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, most of us — even your dentist — will suffer from cavities in our lives. Our Kennewick, Washington dental team spends much of its time treating cavities and teaching patients helpful …

Dental Implants Are Right For Your Smile!

Missing teeth can be disastrous for your smile or overall health. As a longtime Kennewick dentist, I have treated many patients with missing teeth. More than just the sight, missing teeth create a health risk. People with missing teeth cannot …

5 Root Canal Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Having been a dentist in Kennewick for nearly 40 years, I’ve seen just about every dental situation you can imagine. I’ve had the pleasure of building beautiful smiles, and sometimes the unfortunate task of removing teeth that were no longer …

Serving Patients, Changing Lives [VIDEO]

Dr. Walter Hadley became a dentist to change lives. He had wonderful examples of dental and medical service as a childhood and was inspired! Dr. Hadley says, “It was a given to go into dentistry.” Watch the video below to

Get The Care You Need Despite Your Dental Anxiety [VIDEO]

Have you been needing a dental procedure for some time now, but are too afraid of the dentist? This was Piper’s problem. The team at Marineland Dental Care was able to help her feel comfortable enough to get the smile

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