August, 2017

Your Professional Cosmetic Dentist in Kennwick, WA

We all know that teeth look best when they are pearly white. A beautiful glowing smile will help you make a great first impression and give you more confidence.

At Marineland Dental Care, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect

Slip, Sliding Away! No More Wobbling Dentures

There is a problem out there that is affects millions of people: missing teeth. Having missing teeth is a huge problem that affects your appearance and how you eat. Our Kennewick, WA dental office provides solutions for people missing one

5 Dental Myths That Are Hurting Your Teeth


As a long-time practicing dentist in Kennewick, WA, I can tell you that patient education is one of our best tools. We love meeting new patients in our office and giving them a healthy, beautiful smile. You can become

Cosmetic Dentistry Supercharges Your Smile

Do you smile easily and naturally, or do you find yourself smiling with your mouth closed or constantly trying to hide your teeth due to small but visible blemishes? Maybe you even avoid social situations because — let’s be honest

Slam the Door on Gum Disease [infographic]

Untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss and is associated with serious systemic diseases including diabetes and heart disease. With good oral care habits, smart lifestyle choices, and regular dental visits, you can reduce your chances of getting gum

Say Goodbye to Dental Anxiety [video]

Jerrine had dental anxiety stemming back from negative experiences in her childhood. So when she finally did come to Marineland Dental, her teeth were not in good shape — and she was terrified. Here she discusses how the calm and

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