October, 2017

Smile Like a Star with Veneers

When was the last time you noticed a celebrity with less-than-perfect choppers? (Okay, Steve Buscemi gets a pass.) It’s probably been a while. Aside from a few crusty holdouts, a straight, white, and dazzling smile is de rigueur for the

Design Your Smile Makeover [infographic]

Whatever your smile goals, a smile makeover can help you achieve them. This custom-designed cosmetic treatment plan can be as simple or complex as your needs and budget allow. At Marineland Dental Care of Kennewick, WA, we will work with

10 Habits That Hurt Your Teeth

With proper care, your teeth can stay healthy, strong, and good looking for the rest of your life. If you don’t treat them right, however, you may be in for years of dental pain — not to mention invasive and

How to Fill Your Halloween Candy Bowl

Have you noticed jack-o-lanterns appearing on neighborhood porches and spooky decorations popping up in front yards? Halloween is almost here and — whether you have young kids of your own or not — a parade of little ghosts, monsters, princesses,

The Perils of Plaque [video]

You’ve probably heard about plaque and how it’s not good for your teeth. But what is it, anyway? As explained in this video from the American Dental Association, plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that can cover your teeth,

“Very Good at What He Does” [video]

Carol had crooked teeth her entire life, until she had veneers put on by Dr. Hadley. She loves his soft-spoken, calm demeanor and the fact that he’s so good at explaining everything as he works.

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