5 Dental Superfoods to Nourish Your Smile

As the holiday season approaches, you may be thinking of all the delicious foods you’ll be consuming over the next couple months: turkey with all the fixings, pumpkin pie, prettily decorated holiday cookies, eggnog, and so much more. We would never suggest ditching your family’s holiday meal traditions. But how about incorporating a few new foods — ones that not only taste delicious, but ...

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Oral Health for Seniors [video]

Practice good oral hygiene and keep a schedule of regular dental visits when you’re young, and you will reap the benefits when you’re older: a full smile of natural, healthy teeth. Of course, just because you’ve made it to a certain age with your mouth in good shape doesn’t mean you should slack off now. It’s as important as ever to take good care of your teeth and gums. Plus you may ...

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Don’t Let Smoking Destroy Your Smile [infographic]

If you smoke, there’s no better time than right now to quit. As you likely know, smoking does all sorts of damage to the body. In terms of its effects on oral health, it is one of the biggest risk factors for gum disease, it increases your chances of getting oral cancer, it yellows your teeth, makes your breath smell bad, and more. It’s especially important to visit the dentist for regular ...

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Versatile, Durable Dental Implants

You’ve lost a tooth. Maybe you’ve lost a few teeth, or even an entire arch. Today we are extraordinarily lucky in that there is a wide variety of tooth replacement types available, from bridges to partial dentures to full dentures. But there is one option that stands far above the rest. That has, arguably, transformed the field of dentistry in its ability to give you, the patient, a tooth ...

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Veneers Are “a Good Thing to Do” [video]

Roseanne had worn-down teeth due to a bad bite. After her alignment problems were fixed, she still wasn’t happy with the look of her smile. So Dr. Hadley adjusted her gumline and gave her dental veneers. “If I smiled I would cover my face because I was embarrassed of how my teeth looked, and now I don't have to do that. It was well worth the investment. If anybody's thinking of having ...

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Root Canal to the Rescue!

You. Need. A. Root. Canal. There are perhaps no words that are so effective at striking fear into even the most stoic dental patient’s heart. Indeed, of all the dental procedures available, for whatever reason, root canals have a particularly unpleasant reputation. Let’s be clear: as persistent and pervasive as this reputation remains in the societal lore, it is entirely undeserved. Most ...

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