Lost teeth can cause a serious life change. You might not want to leave the house as often, or maybe you avoid seeing people for dinners and family visits. Smiling with an open mouth is a thing of the past too! Or say you wear dentures – how much are you suffering with them every day? They fall out, the irritate your gums, and they’re just plain getting in the way!

At Marineland Dental Care we love helping patients unhappy with missing teeth or dentures. We want to offer you access to the best teeth replacement system in the dental industry: dental implants! These state-of-the-art tooth replacements will restore your missing smile in ways you never knew possible!

Dental Implants Help You Eat!

Implants are placed directly into your jaw and once the healing process completes in a few months you’ll feel amazing – implants are just as strong as natural teeth! Before you know it you’ll be eating all the things that tooth loss or took away from you!

Good diet is essential to good health, so you’ll be doing your body twice the favor – it gets to enjoy delicious food and get the nutrients that come with it! That leads us into our next reason you should choose dental implants – they’re great for your health!

Improve Your Life Expectancy With Implants!

The food you eat plays a major role in prolonging your life. Good dietary choices lead to better health, less illness, and more energy to get out in the world and do the stuff you love! If your diet has been affected by your tooth loss you could be harming yourself without even realizing it!

Studies have shown that good nutrition as you age is essential and with dental implants you can live that life without worry! Because they are so stable implants allow you to eat your favorite foods and never worry about embarrassing scenes again!

Implants Help You Look Younger!

Have you ever noticed that sunken face look some people with tooth loss get? That isn’t just from lost teeth – it’s also caused by bone loss! When you lose even a single tooth your jawbone starts to shrink. As it continues your jaw will become smaller and smaller, creating a sunken look that is often associated with old age.

Dentures can help you eliminate that look but they’re just temporary. Dental implants, on the other hand, stop bone loss, eliminate a sunken face, and are permanently fixed in place! Many patients who get implants at our Kennewick dentist office say they feel like they’ve taken ten years off their look!

Implants Are Easy To Maintain

How much time do you spend caring for your dentures? You have to brush them with a special brush and paste, rinse then whenever you eat, and soak them overnight – what a hassle! Those habits are essential to maintaining a healthy set of dentures and to avoid the illnesses they can cause.

Imagine throwing out all that junk for good – you can with dental implants! You never have to pop an implant out to take care of it, you don’t need special products, and you won’t have any of the hassle you lived with in the past. Implants are cared for just like real teeth! You just brush twice a day and floss in the evening and you’ll be in great shape!

Implants Are An Investment In Your Future

The upfront cost of dental implants can be high but think about what you’re getting: not just a new tooth but a permanent replacement that lasts for the rest of your life! You’re setting yourself up for dental success that will lead to a wonderful life!

We want to show you all the different dental implant options available at Marineland Dental Care – we’re sure we have one to suit you! If you want to find all everything that implants can do for you all you need to do is make that first phone call!

You can reach our Kennewick dentist office by calling 509-591-0515 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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