Cavities are commonplace. Most of us have experienced the procedure of getting a filling at some point or another. Research shows that by the time we graduate high school, a vast majority have already had at least one filling placed. The use of fillings is very important in our society. Without fillings, we would be losing our teeth right and left! Sometimes, however, a filling is not enough to restore a tooth.

Fillings are great for small or medium cavities, but large cavities are a different story. We can use a filling material, but the chances of that filling holding for years to come are slim and none. We need something that is more stable, but we don’t need to jump the gun to something like a crown. Instead, we need something that is more stable than a filling, but not as intrusive as a crown. We need an inlay/onlay solution.

What is That?

An inlay and an onlay are very similar. They are restorations that are crafted to fit your cavity perfectly. An inlay will fit within the cusps (points) of your teeth, while an onlay will fit over one or more of the cusps. We use an impression to get the perfect mold for your new restoration so that it is made exactly as your tooth requires. We then bond the restoration in place, creating a solid solution for your damaged tooth.

Inlays and onlays are fantastic for large cavities, whether they are new or old. With the right care, they will last quite a while. Contact us today to set up an exam and cleaning. We will take a look at your existing fillings as well as check your teeth for signs of any new decay. If a restoration is needed, know that you are in great hands with us!

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