Keeping your natural teeth is always your best option. At Marineland Dental Care in Kennewick, WA, Dr. Walter Hadley has saved tens of thousands of teeth that would otherwise have been lost. In the majority of those cases, the “dreaded” root canal procedure was involved. If the thought of a root canal makes you shudder, there’s great news. Today’s root canal is described by most patients as being no worse than a filling.

Those Old Myths Just Won’t Go Away

Root canals have been performed for many decades, and the horror stories may come from a time before dental anesthesia was used. Those myths break down into the areas of 1) pain, 2 extraction is better, and 3) root canals spread infection. We’ll take those one at a time.


Let’s be clear – drilling into a live tooth can be painful unless the nerve has been completely anesthetized. Once the nerve is completely numbed, it can’t send pain signals. As with almost any dental procedure, Dr. Walter Hadley at Marineland Dental Care in Kennewick, WA does nothing until you tell him that you’re completely numb.

Root canal procedures don’t cause pain, they relieve pain. Once the top of the tooth is opened, the interior contents – the infected pulp and the nerve – are extracted. With the nerve removed, there’s nothing to send pain signals any longer. It’s possible that there might be some slight gum inflammation following the procedure, but that’s easily dealt with.

Extraction Is Better

This myth got started when dentists made most of their money by extracting teeth. It’s understandable that the “newfangled” idea of saving a tooth instead of pulling would have threatened those dentists’ incomes.

Losing a tooth may not seem like a big deal, but it is. When a tooth is gone, the neighboring teeth begin to shift position. This can impact your bite – how your teeth come together – and can lead to premature enamel wear.

As well, when a tooth is missing, the bone underneath no longer gets stimulated by the pressure of chewing. The bone begins to deteriorate.

Keeping your natural teeth is always best, and Dr. Walter Hadley will do everything possible to preserver your tooth and make it fully functional again.

Root Canals Cause Infection

This is another myth that just won’t go away. A root canal procedure removes all traces of infection from inside the tooth, right down to the bottom of the tooth roots. In some cases, additional medication is left inside the tooth to ensure that the infection is completely resolved and won’t come back.

Untreated dental infections are linked to a host of potentially serious health problems such as heart disease, lung problems, rheumatoid arthritis, low birth weight and premature birth, poor diabetes management, and various forms of cancer. Removing the underlying infection while keeping your tooth is the best solution.

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Dr. Hadley has advanced technology that will allow him to complete your root canal procedure in one visit. You’ll be out of pain a few minutes after you take a seat in the dental chair, and your problem will be resolved when you leave our office.

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