Summers here in Kennewick, WA are HOT! We enjoy our summers, but we also love finding ways to relax and beat the heat. Among those summer favorites, like swimming, are risks for your mouth.

Your oral health is at risk throughout each and every day, but the heat brings about specific concerns that we would like to address with you! Let’s take some time to look at the unique summertime issues that you might have with your smile and how to beat those situations!

Summertime is the Perfect Time to Smile

Everyone is smiling during the summer! Kids are away from school, parents are enjoying the sunshine, and we get that classic Americana feeling of cookouts, pools, and warm summer evenings spent with those you love the most.

Most people love summer because it is the time to make memories! It’s the time to take vacations, take pictures, and really enjoy being together as a family without the distraction of school activities in the background.

Keeping a Safe Smile

While you’re out there having fun, we hope that you are also thinking about your smile. We have some tips for you to keep your smile healthy during this time so that you’re still smiling this fall!

Hydration is Key
Water is always important, but especially so during these hot, dry months. Your body needs fluids constantly. It’s tempting to drink soda after soda, but that doesn’t really do much to hydrate your body, and it certainly doesn’t do anything to benefit your teeth!

Drinking water keeps your body’s hydration level up, which helps you to produce the saliva you need to protect your teeth from bacteria. Your saliva has special properties that help it to fight decay, but if you aren’t keeping your body hydrated, you won’t have the saliva you need!

Snack Safely
The beverages you choose are important, as are the snacks you select! Stay away from sugary, starchy snacks that stick to your teeth and feed the bacteria in your mouth. Instead, reach for fresh fruits and vegetables that will not only provide vitamins and minerals to your teeth, but can actually scrub your teeth!

That’s right, crunchy vegetables, hard cheeses, or crisp fruit can all work to remove plaque from your teeth because the texture is so sturdy that it actually rubs your teeth while you chew! Think about that the next time you’re searching for a snack!

Beware of Chlorine Issues
We love being able to dip into a nice, cool pool on a hot summer day! It is refreshing and relaxing, but beware of the water. Chlorinated water is not good for your smile! The chlorine can actually weaken your tooth enamel!

It’s important to try to keep chlorinated water out of your mouth. You should also make a habit of brushing your teeth when you are finished swimming to remove harm chlorine and give your mouth a fresh feel once again!

SPF Lip Balm
We know to use sunscreen, but we often forget to protect a very vulnerable area of skin: our lips! Oral cancer affects tens of thousands of people each year. Some of these cases come about due to sun exposure on the lips.

Protect yourself and your family by investing in tubes of SPF 30+ lip balm! Put it on regularly, just like you do with your sunscreen. It will protect your lips from the sun and keep them from drying out while you play!

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