Did you know that scientists discovered an ancient tooth that was repaired with beeswax as its filling? According to a science news website, the discovery may be one of the oldest artifacts from prehistoric dentistry. Based on the study, the crack showed that people back then used their teeth not only for eating but also for other activities such as holding threads while weaving. The filling was applied to lessen the pain and sensitivity.

Today, fillings are still being used to repair cracked, chipped and broken teeth. Various materials are available out there, but tooth-colored composite fillings stand out from the rest of the crowd because of the benefits they bring to patients. The natural look and appearance of composite fillings is the top reason why this type of material is chosen by most patients. The shade mimics the color of your existing teeth and is best used for your front teeth, especially when you smile. It’s not only physically appealing, but also safe to use as it’s free from mercury and other potentially harmful metals. Composite fillings require less tooth preparation, so minimal tooth structure is removed during the procedure. It’s also quite versatile because it can be used in restoring decayed or damaged teeth.

Do you have broken teeth caused by bad habits like teeth grinding, nail biting, chewing on hard food or even brushing so hard? Perhaps you’re also using your teeth as tools just like the Neolithic people mentioned earlier. Avoid these bad habits that injure your teeth and have them repaired right away.

Your Kennewick WA dentist can restore your teeth with tooth-colored fillings. With his state-of-the-art facility and experience in handling innovative techniques, you’re sure to get exceptional service whenever you drop by for treatment.

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