Dental implants are great because they benefit the patient is many, many ways! The best thing about an implant is how similar it is to your natural tooth! The look, feel, and function of the implant is so close to what nature provided that some people forget they ever had a restoration done! When it comes to caring for your implant, you might be surprised at how easy the transition is. Below we’ve listed some care instructions for an implant!

1) Floss and Brush Like Normal – When it comes to your daily routine, everything will stay the same! Flossing and brushing as you’ve always done will enable you to keep your implant clear of bacteria which will keep your gums healthy!

2) Maintain Routine Appointments – You’ll still need to go to the dentist every six months (or whatever is recommended for you). Those cleanings and exams are very important for maintaining your oral health!

3) Avoid Using Metal Instruments – The one thing that changes with an implant is the way your hygienist cleans the implant. Traditional metal instruments can scratch or damage the titanium, so we recommend using titanium or plastic instruments when cleaning between the crown and the implant.

Your dental implant could very well last you for the rest of your life, but you must take care of it! Gum disease, especially, can cause a risk for your implant. Contact us for more tips about taking care of your dental implant. We’d love to help you keep your smile healthy and strong!

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