We all want to have a nice, healthy smile, but did you know that the decisions you make for your smile can have an effect on your overall health? We aren’t just talking about prevention, either. The decisions you make to brush and floss are important, but so are the decisions you make when you have a tooth that needs work.

We see patients in our Kennewick, WA office all the time who have lost teeth (or are losing teeth) who have all but given up on their smiles. They don’t think it matters anymore, but the truth is a much different situation. When you have a missing tooth, the restoration you choose can play a huge role in your future health.

Today, we want to dive into this issue a little bit more. You never know when you’ll be presented with a situation where you have to choose a restoration for your missing tooth, and we want you to have the facts in order so that the decision is an easy one!

Missing Teeth are Dangerous

The first option that too many people take is to leave it alone! Leaving a missing tooth in your smile is not a good option. It is actually dangerous for the rest of your smile. Let’s take a look at how a single missing tooth can wreak havoc on your entire jaw!

Bruxism – A missing tooth messes with the alignment of your teeth, plus it feels uncomfortable for your remaining teeth. The result is often the urge to grind or clench your teeth. This is called bruxism. Bruxism is annoying to your spouse or partner, but it can also cause damage.

TMD – Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is an example of a problem caused by bruxism. When you are constantly clenching or grinding your teeth, your jaw suffers pain and damage that can lead to extensive and frequent headaches among other things.

More Broken Teeth – Having a missing tooth leaves the adjacent teeth exposed. Combine that with the likely bruxism, and you are likely to experience broken teeth!

Improper Restorations Don’t Help

There are plenty of restorations out there, but they don’t always help as much as we would like them to. Restorations like bridges, partials, and regular dentures lack in some very important ways. Namely, they only replace the visible part of your tooth. It makes your smile look better, but when it comes to actually preserving your health, you need something more. Below are some side-effects of these restorations.

Loss of Bone – Because these restorations ignore the root of the tooth, your jaw bone no longer has a structure to build around. Therefore, your bone begins to fade away and lose mass.

Poor Nutrition – These restorations, dentures in particular, can be so uncomfortable and difficult to use that many people find themselves only eating soft foods that are easy to chew, like pasta. This means that you aren’t getting the nutrition needed to maintain a healthy life.

More Infection – These restorations are not like natural teeth. They are close, but they can be difficult to keep clean, especially partials and bridges. There’s a higher risk of infection in the surrounding teeth when you have to use them to support a partial denture or a bridge.

A Dental Implant Solution

It’s time to find a solution to your smile with dental implants. Dental implants change the way we replace teeth altogether for a more comfortable experience, but your life is healthier, too. Let’s take a look at how your health can improve!

Restores Bone – With a dental implant being placed in your jaw bone, there is no reason for it to lose mass or change shape! Your bone will remain strong. New research shows that dental implants are actually really great news for women with osteoporosis!

Better Nutrition – By having teeth that are secure and stable, you are able to enjoy all of the healthy foods you love. No more avoiding fresh fruits and vegetables! Eat what is best for your body!

Longer Life – With better nutrition and healthier bones, you can expect to live a longer, healthier life! Who could ask for more than that? Getting veneers can be a natural, comfortable process. With Emax veneers, your smile will look stunning! Contact Advanced Dental Associates today!

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