When you set-up your appointment for a six-month cleaning and exam, what do you expect to hear as you sit in our chair? Do you hear good news, or are your exams riddled with talk of cavities and fillings? It can be frustrating to take great care of your teeth, but still hear bad news at the dentist. With new research into the human genome, we are finding out more about how your genetics are linked to your risk of tooth decay. Here’s a summary of the information.

Tooth Enamel and Saliva

Your two main defenses against tooth decay are directly affected by your genetics. The strength of both is determined by genes, which means if you have weak enamel, you are going to see more decay.

Taste Preferences and Ability
What you eat affects your risk of decay, but did you know that your genetics determines what you like to eat? Your taste ability and preferences are connected to your genetics, which means that the sweet tooth that creates cavities is a result of your genes.

Immune Response

The way your immune system interacts with bacteria is another genetics-related issue for your mouth. Someone with a more aggressive immune system will see less decay than someone with a weak immune system.

The best thing you can do for the health of your smile is to maintain a good daily hygiene routine, and talk with us about the patterns you notice in your dental health. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us know about your concerns. We’d love to help you get a happier, healthier smile today!

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