If you have one or more teeth that you don’t like you may have considered cosmetic dentistry to give your smile a lift. Closing that gap, reshaping that poorly formed tooth, or getting rid of that chip are all things that cosmetic dentistry at Marineland Dental Care can do, but what choice is right for you?

We have several different cosmetic treatments that can give your smile the boost you want – it’s just up to you to chose which one is best for you! There are, of course, some restrictions and qualifications to which treatment will work best for a particular patient. That’s all part of a treatment plan that we’ll discuss and outline when you visit our Kennewick dentist office!

Dental Crowns: They Can Be Cosmetic Too!

You’re probably familiar with dental crowns. These restorations are like caps for your teeth which are permanently attached. Your natural tooth is reduced in size so it will fit under the crown and once it’s attached you’re able to enjoy life with a permanent new tooth!

Most people think of crowns as a way to protect a tooth that has been damaged by trauma, decay, or a root canal but that isn’t necessarily the case! Crowns are a great way to cosmetically beautify your teeth as well!

Crowns can close gaps, perfect the look of a malformed tooth, beautify teeth that are worn down, and repair severe trauma. Crowns are best used in certain situations, however, and may not always be the best restoration choice for you!

Veneers: A Common Cosmetic Cure

At Marineland Dental Care we offer two different kinds of veneers: composite resin and porcelain. Both veneers act like a sort of false nail for your teeth – they go on top of your existing teeth to give them a new, fresh, natural look that really brings your smile up a notch!

Composite veneers are applied chairside, making them the fastest cosmetic option available! We’ll slightly modify the surface of your tooth to make a better bond with the composite and then it’s applied to your teeth, shaped into the perfect look, and hardened into place! You’ll leave with a completely new smile in just one visit!

Porcelain veneers are made in a dental lab from ultra-thin dental porcelain and require two visits: one for prep and impressions and a second for application. While this may seem like a drawback porcelain veneers still have several advantages. They’re stronger than composite, last longer, and are more lifelike, making them the most highly aesthetic choice.

Crowns Or Veneers: What’s Your Best Option?

Both veneers and dental crowns can get you a gorgeous new smile in less time than you thought possible but depending on your situation one is definitely prefered over the other!

If your teeth are chipped, stained, discolored, misshapen, or gapped then veneers are the best choice for you. Crowns can do the exact same thing and get identical results but they aren’t ideal in this situation because of the amount of tooth reduction that needs to be don.

Crowns are best for patients who want to restore a smile that has a lot of worn-down teeth. If your teeth are severely damaged, worn down, decayed, or basically need a full-coverage protection that also beautifies your smile then crowns are a great solution for you!

When you come to our Kennewick dentist office for a cosmetic consultation we’ll always start with a full exam of your smile. Once we’ve determined which treatment is best for you we will both work together to determine a full treatment plan. When it comes to reshaping your smile we have to work together to get the results you really want!

Are You Ready For A New Smile?

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