Have you ever taken a bite of something really sweet and felt an intense pain in one of your teeth? This pain is undeniable. It shoots up through your tooth to the nerve, and it can be so intense that your eyes water and you want nothing more than to make it stop. This is what having a sensitive tooth (or teeth) feels like, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! With the right approach, we can ease your pain by restoring the damaged tooth.

Dealing with Damage
Most of the time, a sensitive tooth causes pain because there is damage somewhere in the tooth. The pain you feel is caused when the dentin of your tooth is exposed. Dentin is the tubes that run throughout the inside of your teeth. That dentin takes something sweet or cold or hot and runs it right to the nerve of the tooth, causing the intense reaction. We need to find the damage, whether it is an exposed root due to gum disease, a failing filling, or an untreated cavity.

Dental Measures to Repair
In order to repair the damage, we have to locate the damage using x-ray images and an exam. We will then work to restore your tooth back to its natural strength. We might use a crown, filling, dental bonding, or gum grafting to ensure that the dentin of your tooth is covered. You will notice an immediate different when you are enjoying trigger foods like candy, ice cream, or your cup of coffee.

A sensitive tooth is a sign of something more serious. Sometimes desensitizing toothpaste can help, but we will eventually have to correct the problem. Contact us today if you are experiencing sensitivity in any or all of your teeth. We would love to take a look soon so that you can go back to enjoying all of your favorite foods!

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