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In football, there is an unspoken understand that injuries are going to happen. For that reason, the “next man up” should always be ready to go in case a player has to be taken out of the game.

Most of the time, fans and teammates realize the replacement player may not be as fast, as strong, or as talented as the one he is replacing. Sometimes the better player can be patched up and returned to the field. Other times, that player is done for the game or even the season.

In a sense, your teeth are like a football team, too. Each of your teeth has a role. If something happens to one of them, you may be able to repair it.

If it’s not repairable, there is no “next tooth up” ready to go, however. (If we were sharks or alligators, that would be another story.) Instead, you have to find a “free agent” so to speak. You need to get a substitute that will replace your lost tooth.

You can get the repairs or replacements that you need at Marineland Dental Care, which is located in Kennewick, WA.

Now Playing In Your Mouth …

In football, players are often specialists on either offense or defense. Most of the time, they even have specific positions that they play.

Dental crowns are different than football players in that way. Dental crowns can be put in any position to repair or replace any tooth in your mouth. Whatever you need to be done, dental crowns can do it.

Dental crowns might be considered the star player of restorative dentistry. They are replacements for the natural crowns of your teeth.

Today, dental crowns are made from materials that closely match the color and the appearance of real teeth. Modern crowns also are strong enough to withstand the grind of, well, being teeth.

How Crowns Are Used

We mentioned earlier that dental crowns can be put in any part of your mouth and fill that position. Still, you may be wondering why you might need a dental crown.

Here are some reasons you may want one:

◼︎ Injury replacement — Teeth can be injured by a lot of things, such as footballs, baseballs, hard candy, and unpopped popcorn kernels. If a tooth is broken, chipped, or just worn down from habitual behavior, then a dental crown can rebuild that tooth to its original shape and size.

◼︎ Rehab assignment — Tooth decay can do a lot of damage to a tooth if left untreated. Decay will cause more damage the longer it remains untreated. In the early stages, a dental filling is often enough to repair a tooth. If the decay affects too much of your tooth, however, then a dental crown will be a better option to get your tooth back in shape.

◼︎ Taking up space — You may not have thought about the losing a tooth since you were 12 years old. Nevertheless, millions of American adults are missing one or more of their permanent teeth (and we aren’t counting the wisdom teeth that are removed for oral health reasons). To restore your smile, a dental crown along with a dental implant can fill in the gap created by your missing tooth.

◼︎ Bridge builder — If you lose multiple teeth, a dental crown won’t be enough by itself. On the other hand, multiple crowns can be combined to make a dental bridge, and that is an effective way to replace two or more teeth at the same time.

Legal Procedure

In football, there is a penalty for illegal procedure. The simple explanation is that an offensive player receives this penalty for doing something he shouldn’t before the ball is snapped.

With restorative dentistry, there are no such penalties, so you can get a dental crown for whatever reason you want.

For damaged and decayed teeth, the process starts when our dentist reshapes your tooth. In doing this, he removes the weakest part of your tooth and leaves an abutment where your dental crown can be bonded in place.

For a bridge, two teeth may be reshaped to provide the necessary support.

Dental implants are another way to support your dental crown or bridges since implants replace the roots of lost teeth.

Go Team!

Your teeth work best when they work together. If one of your teeth is injured or needs to be replaced, it’s good to know there is a dentist office in Kennewick, WA, where you can get a dental crown.

Do you have questions about dental crowns? Do you want to make an appointment at Marineland Dental Care? All you have to do is fill out our online form or call 509-591-0515.

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