Having an empty spot in your smile is more than just embarrassing — it’s unhealthy. Food can collect in that space, your other teeth start to get crooked, and the jawbone under that spot starts to deteriorate. The longer you want to do something about the missing tooth, the worse these problems will get.

Thankfully, you can call our Kennewick, WA dental office today at 509-591-0515 to fill that spot with a dental implant. Dr. Hadley has helped many people over the years complete their smile with this restorative dentistry treatment. That means he has the real-world experience to match his expert training.

What Are Dental Implants?

Restorative dentistry means repairing teeth and returning them to how they used to be. (And in some cases, how they should have been.) That’s exactly what a dental implant does. It restores the tooth that you lost.

Each dental implant has three parts:

  • A dental crown: This is your replacement tooth. It’s shaped to look like the one you lost, and it’s color-matched with your other teeth to look natural. But it’s also highly durable and will work and feel just like a natural tooth.
  • A titanium root: Your natural teeth have roots that extend into your jawbone. Dental implants include an artificial root made from titanium. This is the only metal that fuses with your bone to give your dental implant the same stability as a natural tooth.
  • An abutment: This small thing connects the dental crown to the artificial root. This way, if you ever have an accident and need to replace that dental crown, you don’t have to remove the whole dental implant.

A Fortunate Accident For Dental Implants

Believe it or not, dental implants can be traced back to the ancient Mayans. Evidence suggests they tried using seashells and crystals as replacement teeth. Unfortunately, they had one big problem: They would not stay in the jaw.

But in the 1950’s, a fortunate accident made dental implants possible. A researcher was studying how blood flowed through bones. He put some tiny titanium rods in a rabbit’s leg. After collecting his data, he tried to remove the rods — but discovered they had fused with the bone.

When dentists heard about this, they saw the potential. That’s why modern dental implants use an artificial root made from titanium. By letting this fuse with your jawbone, you get the same stability and durability as one of your natural teeth.

How Dental Implants Help You

But what can dental implants do for you? Here are several reasons why you need to call Marineland Dental Care today for a dental implant.

– You can chew with power and confidence with dental implants.

When you don’t have all your teeth, you can find it hard to chew some foods. Corn on the cob, pretzels, even a nice steak can be harder to eat because your bite doesn’t have the same power it used to have. Dental implants give you back the tooth you lost so you can eat with confidence once again.

– Your self-esteem gains a boost with dental implants.

It’s embarrassing to have a gap-toothed smile. When you meet people for the first time or have to speak to a group, you start to wonder if people are staring at that dark gap in your smile. But what can you do? Call our Kennewick, WA dental office and make an appointment for dental implants. One of these dental restorations will give you a full smile and more confidence.

– You can expect your dental implant to last 20 years or longer.

No one wants to have dental restorations redone every few years, but nothing lasts forever. You want something you paid for to last as long as possible. That’s why you need a dental implant. These normally last 20 years or longer, and for some people, a dental implant is the last restoration they need for that lost tooth.

– Your jawbone will stay healthier thanks to your dental implants.

Without a tooth’s root in place, your jawbone begins to grow weaker. That’s because pressure from chewing traveled down the root to stimulate the jawbone there. Because dental implants include an artificial root, you get that stimulation needed to keep your jawbone from deteriorating.

Call us today at 509-591-0515 ot contact us through our convenient online form to schedule your dental implant procedure. Dr. Hadley has the expert training needed to place your dental implant safely and effectively.

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