If you’ve been seeing a dentist for most of your life, you’re probably sporting some fillings! If you open your mouth to yawn and someone looks in your mouth, would they think your teeth are full of shrapnel, or would they see beautiful, white teeth? That all depends on what type of fillings you are carrying around. A lot of our patients have gold or amalgam fillings, but we are starting to shift away from metallic fillings because there is another material that is much better for your mouth: composite filling material.

Dentists used gold and amalgam fillings because the material was so strong. Amalgam, especially, is known for it’s strength and cost-effectiveness. However, we didn’t know at the time that metal fillings are prone to leaks. Dentists had to remove so much of the natural tooth to make way for fillings, that teeth are now weaker than they should be. We have patients almost every day who are in need of a replacement for their filling, and we are here with a fantastic solution!

Composite Fillings

When that old filling has to come out, you need something to replace it. We use a lot of inlays and onlays for larger cavities, but we prefer to use composite resin to fill cavities. Composite resin is a pliable, tooth-colored material that we can layer into a cavity to create a perfect seal. We don’t have to remove nearly as much healthy tissue, so your tooth will be stronger in the long run. Plus, when you smile or laugh, no one will know that you’ve had dental work done because the fillings will blend right into the natural tooth.

The best thing you can do for old fillings is to have them checked regularly. When they fail, they need to be replaced immediately before bacteria can work itself down into the cavity! Bring your tooth to us here at Marineland Dental, and let us repair your tooth. Contact us to set up your appointment today! We look forward to helping you get the smile of your dreams!

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