cheap dental implantsAccording to IBIS World research, the American cosmetic dental industry generates an estimated $4 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Similar research, also from IBIS World, estimates that the cosmetic dental will grow by 1.85% each year in the United States. The cause of this growth is simple: Americans are investing in cosmetic dental treatment to completely transform their smiles. The challenge for those who want to do so, however, is finding affordable cosmetic dentistry prices, whether they’re looking for cheap dental implants or some other affordable form of teeth makeover.

The average American smile is far from perfect: for example, studies show that 26% of all American adults have lost all of their permanent teeth by age 74. Due to statistics like these, the dental cosmetic industry is growing, particularly when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures which seek to replace a patient’s missing teeth. The most innovative method, cosmetic dental implants, is alone worth an estimated $1 billion in revenue; 3 million Americans currently have dental implants.

Dental implantation is becoming so common because it is extremely effective: not only are dental tooth implants the only permanent cosmetic solution for missing teeth, but they are the only cosmetic dental treatments that provides the appearance, experience, and function of natural teeth. The healing process following the cosmetic dental surgery can take anywhere between eight to 16 weeks on average, but an estimated 99.7% of cosmetic dental implants are successful.

If you’re considering cosmetic teeth surgery, particularly dental implants, you are likely considering the best way to pay for a dental makeover. One of the best ways to pay for cosmetic dentistry procedures is with cosmetic dental insurance; because cosmetic dental work is often not covered by typical dental insurance, this allows you to take time to invest in the appearance of your smile. There are also grants patients can search and apply for, which can help them afford cosmetic dentistry costs. Finally, it is often possible to find cheap dental implants and other affordable procedures by searching for dental implant dentists who offer special deals on treatments; occasionally, family and cosmetic dentistry clinics will offer special prices, including cheap dental implants, to increase their number of clients.

So, whether you’re interested in a dental implants procedure or another form of dental cosmetic surgery, don’t let price keep you from the smile you’ve always wanted. Do your research and explore your options; your smile makeover is waiting.

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