There are some kinds of pain that are manageable or easy to ignore, and then there are those that aren’t. Toothaches fall solidly into that second category and you especially know if you’ve ever had one! A toothache has the power to completely ruin your day and what’s worse is that it’s the indicator of a potentially serious problem.

We can treat any number of toothache causes at Marineland Dental Care but it’s important that we see you quickly to ensure we treat the problem early. Left unchecked, a toothache can cause serious damage to your teeth, gums, and bone that leave you with a lot of pain and expensive treatments!

What Causes A Toothache?

There are a few common causes for oral pain and we can treat them all! It’s good for you to know what could be causing yours so take a look at these aggravators for reasons why quick treatment is essential!

Tooth Decay

Everyone gets cavities at some point in their life – it’s just how it goes! Cavities are incredibly common and when identified and treated early don’t pose much of a threat. Left untreated, however, a cavity can cause serious pain.

Cavities generally don’t cause much pain but if they reach the dental pulp at the root of a tooth pain can come quickly and intensely. The dental pulp is filled with soft tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels and bacteria from tooth decay quickly infects it.

Treating an infected root requires a root canal. Contrary to what you’ve heard about them they don’t hurt. and in fact will save your tooth and relieve your pain almost instantly! We perform root canals with the area fully numbed so you definitely won’t feel the procedure at all.

Dental Abscesses

The infection at the root of a tooth doesn’t always stay put. If it isn’t treated early enough it can even end up spreading into the bone and gums surrounding the infected tooth. When this happens you can end up with a painful dental abscess!

Abscesses are pockets of infection that can cause swelling, fever, and severe pain. While they can generally be treated with a root canal there’s always the possibility that a tooth may need to be extracted in order to gain access to the infection. Those cases are rare and most patients will find relief from pain and further infection quickly and easily. The most important part of treating an abscess is not to wait! If your toothache is accompanied by a fever or swelling call us right away!


While you might think that damage to your teeth comes in the form of large fractures and chips that isn’t necessarily true! There are a lot of ways you can damage your teeth and not even notice. This is especially true for patients who grind their teeth, which can lead to microfractures that hurt without being visible at all.

Proper X-rays and imaging must be done in order to identify small fractures. In many cases we’ll be able to restore a damaged tooth with a filling, crown, or other restoration that will remove the damage and give you back full use of the tooth. Some cases of severe damage may necessitate extraction.

The Key To Remember: Be Seen Quickly!

No matter the cause of a toothache one thing is always the same: you need to be seen as soon as possible to ensure easy care! Your chances of a successful recovery and a continued healthy smile are much better if we can treat your condition before it becomes serious.

Don’t wait another minute – call Marineland Dental Care today at 509-591-0515 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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