When you’re faced with the decision about a dental restoration, the options can seem overwhelming. You want to make the best decision for your smile, and you want to make the best decision for your wallet. Too often, what’s best for your wallet upfront will actually end up costing you more down the road. A dental implant is a bit more than other dental restorations, but at the end of the day, it will actually save you money!

Most dental restorations are not truly permanent. You will get several years of wear out of your restoration, but all too often, they don’t last as long as you would like! For most quality restorations that are well-cared for, you can expect 10-15 years of use. After that, you will need to make a decision about replacing the restoration. There is a place for these restorations, but we would rather see you with a restoration that will last you for the rest of your life. That’s why we love dental implants.

A Restoration with Longevity

Rather than replacing a restoration in a decade, you could have a restoration that will still be going strong! For most of our patients, a dental implant is going to be there, holding strong, for the rest of their lives. The secret is in the process of osseointegration. Your bone will actually fuse to the dental implant, holding it in place and creating a permanent bond. When friends and family are replacing their restorative pieces, you will still be smiling with yours!

A dental implant makes the difference in restorative dentistry. We see a 96% success rate with implants, which is unheard of with any other restorative piece. You won’t have to replace it, and you won’t feel uncomfortable with it in your smile. Contact us today to learn more about dental implants. We know you’ll be happy with the result!

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