You consider living with aesthetically pleasing teeth a blessing. Who can blame you? When your pearly whites have no physical defects, you don’t have to distance yourself from your friends and special someone every time you attend a social function. You can also pair your wonderful pose with a billion dollar smile whenever you have your picture taken. Aside from that, you can present a business proposal or answer job interview questions without feeling nervous. Therefore, you try to keep your teeth beautiful by sticking to good oral habits, eating nutritional meals, and scheduling regular dental appointments. Despite your best efforts, factors beyond your control such as age, genetics, and accidents can take away your teeth’s attractive appearance. But that won’t be a problem as your Kennewick dentist can immediately bring back your teeth’s flawless look by administering a procedure known as tooth bonding.

Tooth bonding, also referred to as dental bonding, is a process wherein your dentist applies a tooth-colored bonding material to your tooth’s discolored, decayed, chipped, or fractured area in order to make a cosmetic modification.

Tooth bonding more often than not doesn’t require you to receive a local anesthetic shot, making it possible for you to experience a considerable amount of comfort on the dental chair. And unlike other cosmetic dental procedures, it can be completed in just a single trip to your dentist’s office, enabling you to save a lot of time and money. Furthermore, it entails trimming down only a small portion of your tooth’s enamel, allowing the tooth to remain strong and healthy.

The bonding material tends to stain easily. Moreover, it isn’t as durable as a crown, veneer, or filling.

Lifespan of the bonding material
The bonding material has a lifespan that ranges from three to ten years.

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