Like it or not your smile says a lot about you. It shows the world how confident you are, what you’re thinking, and how you react to people. It’s also the first impression that a lot of people get about you! With how important a smile is you deserve one that you love!

If you aren’t happy with your smile a lot of how you live life can change. You might keep your mouth closed or cover your smile with a hand. You might even avoid social situations altogether! At Marineland Dental Care we’ve had a lot of patients come to us desperate for a solution to their smile woes. We helped them and we’d love to help you too!

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

What is it about your smile that you don’t like? Do you have crooked teeth, or maybe a gap that embarrasses you? How about staining or discoloration? It doesn’t matter what you dislike about your smile – we have solutions to make you finally love your teeth!


If you’re interested in reshaping teeth, covering a chip, disguising deep, unbleachable stains, or just want a beautiful, even, lifelike smile veneers are perfect for you! These wafer-thin composite covers for your teeth act a lot like a fake nail! They’re bonded permanently to your existing healthy teeth permanently, and they can last years!

Veneers are an ideal choice if you need a good solution fast. Orthodontic care might take too long, and maybe you don’t have time to wait for bleaching, crowns, or other restorations! Our veneers can be attached permanently in just two visits!

We also offer veneers made from porcelain. These are a good option if you’re concerned about staining or discoloration – they repel stains incredibly well!

Sick Of Old Fillings?

A filling on the wrong tooth can leave your smile looking seriously damaged! If an old gold filling is embarrassing you then we can remove it and replace it with a tooth-colored one that matches perfectly! Our composite resin fillings are not only undetectable, they’re also better for your teeth!

Gold and metal amalgam fillings work well but they have one key problem: aging. Metals can’t be bonded directly to your teeth so they have to be cemented in place. Over time that cement can wear away, leaving tiny spaces where bacteria can sneak in and cause decay that can’t even be seen!

Composite fillings bond directly to your teeth. This allows them to form a tighter seal that won’t give way to decay! They also have the ability to flex more like your natural teeth – that means you won’t have to worry about bad distribution of force!

Get A Smile Makeover!

Maybe it’s a few things that are bothering you. If you can’t nail down the reason you dislike your smile then we have the perfect thing for you: a smile makeover! Let our team lay out an entire cosmetic treatment plan for you – we’ll do a thorough exam of your mouth and outline one or more treatments that will leave you in awe of your new smile!

Smile makeovers consist of any of the dental care services we offer. Consider it a sequence of treatments that could be incredibly quick or longer and more involved – it all depends on what you want and need! We work together on smile makeovers – you get final say in the treatment plan and if you don’t think you’ll be completely thrilled with the results we can go back to the drawing board!

A smile makeover is just like a regular one – consider us your expert stylists for your teeth!

Don’t Wait – That Beautiful Smile Is Ready When You Are!

The longer you think about a better smile the less time you’ll get to actually enjoy it! Don’t wait to get started on your cosmetic treatments – call our Kennewick dentist office today at 509-591-0515! You can also schedule an appointment by filling out our online form. We’ll see you soon!

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