First impressions count. During a job interview, a corporate presentation, or a romantic date, your smile can either put you in a bad position or work to your advantage. Based on a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% or almost all adults believe that a person’s smile is a great social asset while 74% feel that an unattractive one can negatively affect an individual’s shot at a successful career.

However, not everyone has been blessed with a beautiful set of teeth to smile with. People often become shy and conscious not to show off their happy smiles especially when they know they have discolored, missing, or crooked. If your smile is not what it should be, then cosmetic dentistry may just be the right procedure for you.

The Scope of Cosmetic Dentistry

Contrary to what most people think, cosmetic dentistry is not just about getting teeth whitening sessions at the dental clinic. Besides bleaching, it also covers a wide scope of services including tooth straightening, contouring and reshaping; porcelain veneer fabrication, and the placement of implants and supports like crowns and bridges.

Your Kennewick dentist can recommend and perform a variety of cosmetic dental procedures that can improve your smile so that you can regain your confidence when facing new people or attending various social gatherings. A great smile can also land you that date you’ve been waiting for with Mr. or Ms. Right!

Consulting a Cosmetic Dentist

Your Kennewick WA dentist, Dr Walter Hadley, has been doing a lot of successful smile makeovers for many years. His experience as a dentist spans decades of private practice in Kennewick, Washington where he does general and family dentistry. Dr. Hadley has a special focus on cosmetic dentistry and is committed in using the latest technology to provide high-quality and efficient dental care to his patients.

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