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Losing teeth hurts your smile. Losing teeth makes it harder to eat. Losing teeth can hurt your self-confidence, too.

We’ve met patients who experienced one or more of these problems more times than we can recall. We used to be able to help some of them with dental implants.

But today, our team at Marineland Dental Care can help even more people thanks to mini implants. We’ll explain why mini implants made restorative dentistry better in a moment.

Just know that if you are missing one, two, four, or all your teeth, that mini implants might the key to your teeth replacements. Call 509-591-0515 or fill out our online form to make an appointment at our dentist office in Kennewick, WA, to learn more.

Mini Implants Are Likely To Fit

We think nearly all dentists would agree that dental implants have revolutionized tooth replacement.

Implants are a prosthetic root. Like the roots of natural teeth, implants are placed directly into your jawbone. As your jaw heals, the bone will bond directly to the implant, holding it securely in place.

The implant can then be used to support a dental crown. You also can use multiple implants to secure dental bridges and full sets of dentures.

This is fine as long as you still have enough bone to support standard-sized implants. When you lose teeth, your jawbone can shrink. If you wait too long to replace your missing teeth, you may not have enough bone left to support your implants.

Because mini implants are smaller, they will fit in places that other implants won’t. Just as important, they can do the same things that full-size implants can do.

Mini Implants Can Save You From Extra Procedures

Before mini implants were developed, people who had lost too much bone could still get dental implants. But first, they had to have another procedure called a bone graft.

A bone graft is essentially a bone tissue transplant. This tissue can be taken from a variety of places. Through oral surgery, the transplanted tissue could be placed next to the patient’s remaining jawbone.

In the months it took to heal from that procedure, the transplanted tissue and the existing bone would grow together. This would rebuild the missing jawbone so that it was substantial enough to support dental implants.

With mini implants, patients often can skip the bone graft. The smaller implants make it unnecessary in many cases, and that means you can start enjoying the benefits of implant-supported crowns, bridges, or dentures even sooner.

That also leads us to our next reason for considering mini implants.

Mini Implants Can Save Time

This works in a couple ways.

First, it saves the time that comes with needing an extra procedure like we described above. If you don’t need a bone graft, then you don’t need months of recovery or all the visits to the dentist office that come with that procedure.

When you start your teeth replacement process with mini implants, you will be able to enjoy the benefits in less time.

The time-saving also may be true for many people who don’t necessarily need mini implants. The fact that mini implants are smaller means that placing them is a less invasive procedure than placing full-sized implants.

That means your body needs less time to heal from the procedure. As an analogy, it’s similar to a cut on your finger. If the cut is small, your body will heal faster. If the cut is large, you will need more time to heal completely.

Mini Implants Can Save Money

In some ways, this mirrors the reasons that mini implants can save time.

If you don’t have to have a bone graft and dental implants and make all the trips to the dentist that come with both of those procedures, you will spend less money overall.

Individually, mini implants can be less expensive than a regular dental implant. If you are getting multiple implants, in some cases it may take more mini implants than regular implants to provide similar support. The cost savings may vary depending on how many implants are needed.

Regardless, this is something you may want to consider when deciding which option is right for you.

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