When a tooth reaches a point that it is no longer viable, it is time to remove it. Sure, you’ve probably seen tons of extractions in movies and on television that make you nervous. The idea of allowing someone to remove a part of your body should make you a little nervous, but you should also be able to overcome those nerves and know that you’ll be comfortable during the entire procedure! Your extraction will be completely peaceful!

As soon as you walk into our office, you will feel comfortable! You’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and get all of the information you need. When you go back to the patient rooms, you will be greeted by ultra comfortable chairs and a relaxing environment. Our staff will see that you have everything that you need! It doesn’t get much better than this!

The Procedure

We handle two types of extractions: surgical and simple. Most extractions will be simple, which means we will numb the area and remove the tooth. For patients who feel anxious about having a tooth extracted, we offer two types of sedation. The first is nitrous oxide gas, laughing gas, that can be inhaled through a simple mask over your nose. If that isn’t relaxing enough, we also offer oral sedation, which you can take about an hour before your visit to ensure comfort and relaxation during your procedure. Some patients even fall asleep, they are so relaxed!

Having a tooth removed is necessary for teeth that are too decayed or infected to remain in your mouth. Once it’s out, it’s time to think about dental restorations! Contact us today to learn more about this procedure. We’d love to help you get the dental care you need without the fear that often comes with it!

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