Here are some everyday things that cause your teeth to have that ugly, yellowish color. You might be surprised that some of the items on this list are so common that you don’t even think they’re going to do much damage to your teeth.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

  • Food and Drinks. Of course all of us need to take in food and drink liquids to nourish ourselves, but some of our favorite foodstuff does contribute to tooth discoloration. These are: sodas, coffee, tea, wines, and some fruits and vegetables with tannins like apple, carrots, and oranges.
  • Aging. Our teeth tend to change color and darken as we age. That’s due to the outer layer of enamel fading away to reveal the natural yellow color or the dentin layer.
  • Environment. Tooth discoloration can also come from external factors that initiate the discoloration from within our teeth. Exposure to or excessive use of fluoride (found in water and some toothpaste products) can cause discoloration. Other external factors that may cause discoloration are trauma, development disorders; antibiotics used during childhood, tooth decay, and root canal procedures.


  • Smoking. Tobacco use, either through smoking or chewing easily stains teeth and causes discoloration.

When to Consult with a Cosmetic Dentist

If you have discolored teeth, you can always try to make a lifestyle change by cutting back on eating foodstuff that causes discoloration. Quitting tobacco use is also a great step, not only will it help maintain white teeth, but it will also give you an overall improved health condition.

For people who are experiencing unusual tooth discoloration, cosmetic dental procedures may help solve the problem. Ask your Kennewick dentist about various teeth whitening treatments, whitening agents, and in-office whitening procedures that may be used together with proper flossing and brushing in order to stop further discoloration from happening.

Remember that good oral hygiene is also important in maintaining beautiful, bright teeth. If your discoloration problems persist, contact our office at 509-591-0515 to set an appointment with our cosmetic dentistry expert.

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