Wearing dentures can be great – you can smile again, you can feel confident in your look, and you can live without the embarrassment of missing teeth. While dentures can be a great way to feel better about yourself they also leave you with a whole host of problems as well – they slip, fall out, or come loose at the most inconvenient moments. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to excuse yourself to adjust your teeth!

At Marineland Dental Care we understand how inconvenient dentures can be but we also know that they’re an affordable way to restore lost teeth. If you’ve considered dental implants in the past you may have decided against treatment due to the cost. But what if we could use dental implants to stabilize your dentures? We can at our Kennewick dentist office!

How Do Implant Retained Dentures Work?

If you’ve explored full-mouth dental implant solutions before you’ll be familiar with how implant-retained dentures work. If not you’re in for a surprise at how much support and stability you can get for so little additional hardware!

Our implant-retained dentures use four implants in each arch of your jaw. The implants are placed directly into your jaw bone and once healed are restored using one of two systems: either a series of metal balls or a bar that runs the length of the arch.

We modify your dentures with either sockets or clasps that snap firmly onto your implants. When you wake up and put your dentures in you’ll experience a level of support, stability, and comfort that you never knew was possible! Implant-retained dentures will give you the confidence to smile with ease, chew your favorite foods, and speak without fear of embarrassing denture mishaps!

Implant-Retained Advantages

Think about the last time your dentures embarrassed you. If you could avoid any similar situation in the future wouldn’t you do whatever you could to make sure that happened? With implant retention for your dentures you can be sure that you’re in control of your smile!

Cost Effective: if cost is the only reason you haven’t thrown your dentures out the window you’ll love implant retention options. Depending on the kind of dentures you have we can even modify them to work with your implants! Even if we need to craft new dentures you’ll still find yourself with a much smaller price tag than you would with a full permanent bridge.

Comfortable: how much irritation have you had due to your dentures? When all the force of chewing and speaking is applied directly to your gums things can get pretty uncomfortable! With implant-retained dentures you’ll be distributing that force more evenly. A lot of it will go straight to the bone through your implants, just like it does with natural teeth. The result is a more comfortable solution that doesn’t stress your gums!

Eat The Foods You Love: with the exception of some hard or sticky foods your dietary restrictions will be eliminated! Not only will this increase your quality of life it will also allow you to eat healthier and get the nutrients you may have lost due to an inability to eat. How long has it been since you’ve had your favorite meal? It might only be a few implants away!

Live Life More Fully: what’s keeping you from truly enjoying life? For a lot of denture wearers the answer is right on the tip of their tongues: their dentures. The constant worry, the limited food choices, an inability to speak naturally, and disgusting creams and pastes can really make life unpleasant. If you’ve found yourself changing your life because of the inconveniences of dentures we want to help!

Implant-retained dentures can really change your life. If your day-to-day activities all include the thought of “how will my dentures affect this” we can help eliminate that worry. Implant retained dentures are an amazing way for you to get comfort, control, and reliability out of your dentures.

Make The Call For A Better Life

In a matter of just a few months you could be living more happily with implant-retained dentures. All it takes is a call to Marineland Dental Care to start your treatment process! Call our Kennewick dentist office today to schedule an appointment!

You can reach us by phone at 509-591-0515 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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