Here at the beginning of December, people are starting to think about what they’ll select for their New Year’s resolutions. At the top of almost every list is health. Whether it is losing weight, eating better, quitting cigarettes, or all of the above, we know that we want to be healthier. The very first thing you should do to improve your overall health is to begin drinking more water. This will benefit every aspect of your health, including your oral health.

The thing about water is that some people don’t like to drink it. They have been drinking sweet beverages like soda, juice, or sports drinks for so long that water just doesn’t cut it. There is a lot of psychological reasoning as to why that happens, but let’s just focus on the fact that those other beverages are packed with sugar that is harmful to your teeth. Water is the only beverage you should have in your presence at all times.

Making Water Attractive

If you aren’t already a water drinker, you will need to make water more attractive. We recommend packing a lot of ice into our glass. There is nothing more refreshing! If that’s not enough, you might consider adding sliced fruit or fresh herbs to your water to add a subtle flavor. If you are worried about getting your kids to drink more water, you should focus on making water fun with special glasses, straws, or their favorite fruit. Once you get in the habit of reaching for water once or twice each day, that habit will grow until your primary beverage is fresh, cool water.

The benefits of drinking water are innumerable. Your mouth benefits because the hydration allows your mouth to produce enough saliva necessary to protect your teeth from bacteria. Contact us today to find out more benefits of drinking water. We can’t wait to hear how your switch to water is going!

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