We love dental implants here at Marineland. There are so many solutions that implants can be used to achieve. We love the results and wish that we could offer them to every patient. There are some things that keep patients from getting implants, but a thinning bone mass is no longer a reason to keep from getting life-changing implants.

Some patients who want to get implants but are turned away by other dental office because of lost bone mass. Still others undergo painful and complex bone graft surgery to prepare their jaw for the possibility of implants. Still others simply give up before they look into any other options. With advances in implant technology, there is now a solution with mini-implants.

Mini Implants Save the Day

For patients who are looking for an implant solution, mini implants can sometimes be a solution. The implant itself is thinner than a traditional implant, which allows it to be inserted into thinner bone mass. This makes implants possible for those patients who have been wearing dentures for years and are finally ready for something more stable. Mini-implants definitely open the door for many of our patients who have been turned away before!

If you’ve been turned away because of thinning bone mass, just let us know! Contact us to set up a consultation and let us know what you’d like to see happen for your smile. We can’t wait to help you get the smile you’ve been missing!

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