Small but terrible… this may well describe mini-dental implants with the most positive of assertions. These small posts of biocompatible titanium that are used in creating replacement teeth are now being used widely in securing dental crowns and dentures, especially for patients that don’t have the necessary bone density level for standard-sized implants or can’t undergo conventional dental implant placement surgery for many reasons.

One such reason is if the patient prefers a less invasive procedure. Because mini-implants are smaller, they require only a small opening for the implant to be threaded into the bone. The smaller incisions produce less bleeding and less possible trauma, with any minimal discomfort after the treatment being easily manageable and tolerable. Recovery time is likewise greatly reduced in mini-implants with less probability for post-treatment complications.

Even after a few hours after the actual procedure, the patient can resume eating his/her favorite meals because unlike in conventional implants where a soft diet must be taken while the gums are being allowed to heal and the implants are waiting to integrate with the bone, mini-implants screw-in tightly into the bone on the very day they were placed. They hold well enough to withstand the load of chewing or heavy biting without compromising the stability and long-term security of the mini-implants.

Because of these advantages, many elderly patients who have been initially diagnosed as unfit for implants can now enjoy implant-retained dentures that not only look and feel like natural teeth but are also quite affordable, being less expensive compared to standard-size implants. The fewer dental appointments needed to place mini-implants also contribute a lot to savings in valuable time and cost.

With all these benefits plus the peace of mind from not having to worry about slipping dentures makes mini-implants one of the best innovations in modern restorative dentistry. If these are just what you’ve been waiting for, contact the Marineland Dental Care clinic in Washington at 509-591-0515 to request an appointment with Kennewick dentist Dr. Walter Hadley who has already helped so many patients, fixing their missing teeth problems with these remarkable mini-dental implants.

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