You used to like playing various sports, but not until you lost a tooth after your buddy accidentally hit you right in the face. You cried out in pain and didn’t know what to do. After you got patched up, you realized that you just lost a tooth. Unfortunately, the entire tooth got knocked out, and you’ve gone without it for quite a while.

It’s important to restore your missing teeth as it may cause problems with your bite (also known as malocclusion), let your teeth shift out of place, and lead to other dental issues. Nobody wants to experience the pain and discomfort of missing a tooth. Of course, you don’t want others to make fun of your smile as well.

Restoring missing teeth can be done through a variety of dental procedures. But if you’re only missing a single tooth, then dental bridges might be the best option for you. Talk to your Kennewick WA dentist and he’ll be able to explain bridges in detail for you. During your consultation, he will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw, to see if dental bridges are a suitable option or if he’ll need to recommend a different procedure instead.

When it comes to dental bridges, your dentist will need to trim the teeth on each side of your missing tooth to give room for your replacement tooth. After this, he will create impressions of your teeth and send the model to an off-site laboratory. You will wear a temporary bridge while waiting for your restoration to be processed. On your next visit, your health care professional will remove the temporary bridge and attach the permanent one in place.

If you take care of your bridges, it can last for many years. Just observe good hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.

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