Have you ever shared a fun moment under the mistletoe with your loved one? This time of year is a great time to spark an old romance or begin a new one, but your moments under the mistletoe are not completely free. You probably know that a smooch shares germs, but did you know that a kiss can transfer about 80 million bacteria from one mouth to another? Don’t get nervous! There is a lot to know before you let 80 million bacteria worry you!

80 Million New Neighbors
Every kiss shares bacteria, but a 10-second, intimate kiss will share about 80 million bacteria from your mouth to your partner’s mouth. In fact, longtime partners who share 8-10 kisses each day likely have a very similar bacteria colony map from sharing so much bacteria. Is this a bad thing? Not really. Your mouth is full of trillions of bacteria every moment, so these 80 million visitors have very little impact, especially if you care for your teeth.

Care For Your Teeth and Don’t Worry
Most of your 80 million new neighbors will be removed from your mouth very quickly thanks to the power of saliva. The rest might stick around for a while, but if you take care to floss, brush, and care for your teeth, you don’t need to worry about any negative effects for your smile. Enjoy your time under the mistletoe with your favorite person, and make this a wonderful holiday season.

The holiday season is one of the best throughout the year. Take time to enjoy every minute with your friends and family, and check in with us soon! The best way to begin the new year is with a healthy smile, so contact us today! We would love to see you.

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