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Matt is scared of the dentist. It’s OK. Lots of people share his dental anxiety, which can make it difficult to walk into a dentist office much less receive professional treatment.

Maurice has dental anxiety, too, but unlike Matt, Maurice has learned about sedation dentistry. As a result, Maurice is able to visit his dentist, remain calm and relaxed throughout his treatment, and keep his teeth healthy with routine preventive cleanings and examinations.

What is sedation dentistry? Where can you find a dentist office that offers this service? We’ll answer that first question in a moment. The answer to the second question is Marineland Dental Care in Kennewick, WA.

What Dental Sedation Is

Put simply, sedation dentistry is done when a patient receives some form of sedation as part of his or her dental care.

Dental anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people undergo dental sedation. By taking a single dose of medication, you can address multiple issues that contribute to the anxiety you may feel when you think about dental care.

When you are sedated, you won’t feel any pain. The medication that we use has an analgesic effect. This will prevent you from feeling anything whether you are having a cleaning or a more complex procedure.

It may go without saying, by sedation will ease your anxiety, too. That’s what anti-anxiety medication is designed to do.

If you are a patient who has a sensitive gag reflex, this can contribute to your anxiety about the dentist office. That’s not a concern with sedation dentistry. The medication helps you stay relaxed, which also helps to prevent gagging.

The last benefit of dental sedation we will mention today is amnesia. OK, maybe amnesia isn’t technically the right word, but you probably won’t have any memory of your dental care with sedation dentistry.

For some patients, that is the best benefit sedation can provide.

A Trip To The Dentist Without Sedation

Sedation dentistry isn’t an end in and of itself. It should be seen as a way to help anyone receive the preventive care they need to keep their mouths as healthy as possible.

To show how sedation can help, let’s imagine Matt and Maurice going to the dentist.

Matt hasn’t been to the dentist in years. He’s starting to worry about the black spot that he developed on one of his teeth. He suspects it’s a cavity, and he has noticed that tooth is more sensitive when he drinks his morning coffee.

He steels himself to call his dentist and makes an appointment. The night before he has trouble sleeping. When he gets to the dentist office, he lets the front office staff know that he is there. They can tell he is nervous.

When they call his name, he doesn’t move. A dental assistant helps him stand up and escorts him to the patient room. Matt starts to shake, so he grabs the arms of the chair as he waits for the hygienist to arrive.

She tries to look at his mouth, but Matt is trying so hard to contain his anxiety that he can’t sit still. She then suggests that Matt talks to the dentist about sedation before they continue.

A Trip To The Dentist With Sedation

Now, let’s contrast that with a visit to Marineland Dental Care by Maurice. (Matt and Maurice are not real people, for what it’s worth.)

Maurice sleeps well the night before his dental appointment. He’s been through this process a few times, so he knows what to expect. His sister arrives about an hour before Maurice’s appointment. Maurice takes the medication, and his sister drives him to the dentist office.

By the time they arrive, he is already feeling the effects of the medication. At the office, his sister and a dental assistant help him into the chair. Maurice only has spotty memories of what happens after this.

While he is sedated, a hygienist cleans his teeth and checks for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. The dentist follows with an examination, and everything looks fine.

Maurice is practically asleep when his sister drives him home, where he takes a nap for a few hours.

When he wakes up, Maurice calls into the office to find out if there is anything he needs to know. He hears the good news, and he feels good knowing he got the dental care that he needed.

Who Would You Rather Be?

If you’d prefer to have a dental visit like Maurice, then we would encourage you to call 509-591-0515 or use our online form to make an appointment at our dentist office if you live in or near Kennewick, WA.

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