How do you console someone who is suffering from toothaches, but refuses to see the dentist? No matter how hard you try, you can’t really convince him/her to go. It’s probably because of dental anxiety brought upon by a bad experience in the past.

Many people experience the same problem when it comes to visiting their dentists. It’s seems that going there is one of the biggest decisions that they’ll need to make. Perhaps you can also relate with them. The good news is that your Kennewick WA dentist understands and cares about you. He knows that patients like you are not always prepared to see their dentist and would need help doing so.

Your health care practitioner provides a solution to this. He may recommend oral sedation that can put you at ease during your procedure. It works by taking a sedative pill an hour before your scheduled appointment. By the time you reach the clinic, you are much more relaxed. This allows your dentist to perform the necessary treatment while you are calmly lying down on the dentist’s chair. You’ll feel much more comfortable while he works on your teeth and gums. It also saves time as multiple visits can be wrapped up into a single trip because he will not have a hard time repairing your damaged tooth. You don’t need to worry about the pain, sound, smell, taste, or images the clinic around you because you are comfortably sedated. Your treatment will be over before you know it. Since you’ll be sedated, make sure that you bring someone with you, to help you get to and from the clinic, as you might not be able to drive home until the effects of the sedative wears off.

If you want to know more about oral sedation, you may get in touch with Dr. Walter Hadley at 509-591-0515. Please don’t hesitate to call your Kennewick WA dentist today.

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