Patients avoid the dental office for many reasons: fear of pain, the cost, or embarrassment. A lot of that stems from past experiences that left the patient uncomfortable around the dental office. It can be difficult to overcome those negative experiences. Sometimes patients are so affected that even thinking about picking up the phone to set up an appointment is overwhelming. Unfortunately, that means your smile’s health suffers.

Patients who are unable to overcome their anxiety about the dental office suffer from poor oral health. In some cases, extreme pain is the only motivating factor. By that point, the patient is sure to have another stress-filled experience, making them even more unlikely to come back to the office. We can change that entire cycle here at Marineland through our sedation dentistry program.

Sedation Dentistry Makes it Easier

When you are dealing with anxiety or fear of the dental office, you probably aren’t going to come to the office unless you detect a need, like a tooth that is hurting. In order to make this first trip into the office more comfortable, we recommend sedation to fearful patients. The sedation will ease your mind and body before you arrive at the office, making your experience much more relaxed than it would be if you were feeling all of the pent up anxiety and fear. You will have a pleasant appointment, which will make coming back for future appointments even easier!

Sedation allows you to step away from your fear and anxiety to have a comfortable, relaxed appointment. There’s no reason to continue to fear the dental office. Contact us today, and let us know about your previous experiences. We can help you decide if sedation is right for you and your situation. We can’t wait to hear from you and show you how relaxed a dental appointment can be!

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