Some people make a lot of excuses just to avoid seeing their dentist. They claim that they don’t have time to drop by at the clinic because of their busy schedule, household chores, and other commitments. Routine checkups and oral exams are postponed. As result, simple preventive care that is supposed to be done earlier becomes a complex treatment because of complications in their teeth and gums.

Can you also relate with this situation? Perhaps you try to evade the topic about dentistry because it only reminds you of bad experiences in the past or a painful dental procedure during your childhood. Here’s the good news. Your Kennewick dentist provides solutions that can help you deal with dental fears and anxiety.

Afraid of instruments

Are you scared of the sight or sound of a dentist’s drill? Fear not! Your health care professional uses advanced technology called air abrasion to remove tooth decay without using a drill. This means that you don’t have to worry about the pressure, vibration, and sound that a drill makes while he restores your cracked, chipped or fractured teeth.

Fear of pain

Have you always imagined the shot of anesthesia that hurt you a long time ago? Sedation dentistry can help you handle the pain. Sedatives keep you comfortable before, during and after the treatment. It works by taking a prescribed pill an hour before your scheduled visit. The dosage of the pill can range from mild to moderate sedation depending on your pain threshold. Once you arrive at the clinic, you will feel a little drowsy and relaxed while your dentist performs the needed treatment. Make sure to bring a family member or a friend to drive you home.

Fear of the dentist

Cast that fear aside and trust your dental practitioner. He’ll listen attentively to your concerns and discuss the benefits of oral sedation with you in detail.

Let Dr. Walter Hadley help you overcome your fear. For consultation, feel free to call your Kennewick dentist at Marineland Dental Care by dialing 509-591-0515.

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