Root Canals Aren’t The Bogeyman Any More

There was a time that any mention of the “dreaded” root canal provoked shivers. The reason for that reaction was that a lot of myths about root canals just refused to go away. Those myths were largely due to some really bad science about 100 years ago, believe it or not! If you need a root canal, discover just how easy and painless they can be. Consult Dr. Walter Hadley at Marineland Dental ...

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Why Darlene Loves Her Smile Now

Darlene had bite issues which resulted in a lot wear on her teeth. She was unhappy with her smile, but that changed when she consulted Dr. Walter Hadley of Marineland Dental Care in Kennewick, WA. Dr. Hadley found a creative cosmetic dentistry solution to her smile problems, and now Darlene couldn’t be happier. In fact, she even looks forward to her visits! You don’t have to live with a smile ...

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Here’s Why You Need to See the Dentist [Infographic]

There are many reasons why you need to see the dentist, but today, we want to explore just six important ones. From pain to problems chewing, Marineland Dental Care can help you gain confidence in the way your smile looks and functions! Dr. Walter Hadley has been helping patients’ smiles for 44 years! You don’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about bringing up your problem to him. He ...

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You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of The Dentist [BLOG]

If you hate even the thought of a dental appointment, you’re not alone. Estimates vary, but at the very least tens of millions of people in the United States have some level of dental anxiety. You don’t have to be afraid of the dentist any longer thanks to dental sedation options from Dr. Walter Hadley of Marineland Dental Care in Kennewick, WA. What Is Dental Sedation? Sedation dentistry ...

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Roland On Why Dr. Hadley Has Been His Dentist For 20 Years [Video]

It takes a great dentist who’s both likeable and very skilled to produce a truly loyal patient. Roland W. explains why he’s kept Dr. Walter Hadley of Marineland Dental Care in Kennewick, WA as his dentist for 20 years, and how Dr. Hadley fixed a dental problem that had bothered Roland for at least that long. When you’re ready to find your dentist for life, call 509-591-0515 to visit our ...

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Are Dental Implants for You? [quiz]

Marineland Dental Care is always looking for new ways to improve our patient’ lives. That’s why we started training in dental implants years ago. These realistic tooth replacements can: Help you eat without even having to think about your teeth anymore – just enjoy what you want Forget worrying about your dentures coming loose when you take a bite of food Let you throw out ...

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A Smile Makeover Makes All the Difference [photo]

In more than 40 years of practicing, Dr. Hadley has seen countless people in the office thinking there was little hope for their smiles. With a smile makeover, however, we’ve surprised more patients than we can count. All it takes is the right solutions, the right materials, and the right dental team – and the smile of your dreams could be a reality. See this amazing smile makeover before ...

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Make Your Smile Your Summer Project with Cosmetic Dentistry

Summer is a great time to catch up on that long list of projects. Maybe your big project this year is cleaning out the basement or relandscaping the backyard. Whatever you decide to tackle, don’t forget about your smile! It’s not too late to remake your smile with cosmetic dentistry at Marineland Dental Care. In fact, there are several services our Kennewick, WA dentist offers that could ...

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6 Tips for Drinking More Water [infographic]

Summer means prepping the yard or patio for BBQs. It means caring for your garden, golfing, playing summer sports with your spouse or friends, going on vacation, and enjoying the water and the beautiful outdoors around Kennewick. With all the summer activities going on, don’t forget to drink enough water! We all know water is important to keep our bodies hydrated and healthy. But water is ...

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Get Freedom from Dentures

We recently celebrated Independence Day, a time to reflect on the sacrifices made so we can enjoy our freedom. It’s also a time to enjoy the company of family and friends – and let’s not forget the food! Were you able to enjoy the Fourth of July feast this year? If you have dentures, you may not have been able to sink your teeth into those grilled steaks or bite into corn-on-the-cob. ...

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